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Everything aboout software engineering

What is software engineering?-Everything you need to know!

What is software engineering?

Definition: Software engineering is an in-depth observation of engineering to the layout, improvement, and renovation of software programs. Software engineering changed into delivered to cope with the troubles of low-nice software program projects.

 Problems get up while a software program normally exceeds timelines, budgets, and decreased stages of nice. It guarantees that the utility is constructed consistently, correctly, on time, and on finances and inside necessities. 

The call for software program engineering additionally emerged to cater to the great fee of alternate in consumer necessities and surroundings on which utility is meant to be working.

Description: A software program product is judged via way of means of how without problems it is able to be utilized by the end-consumer and the capabilities it gives to the consumer. A utility need to rating withinside the following areas: –

1) Operational:  This tells how proper a software program works on operations like finances, usability, efficiency, correctness, functionality, dependability, protection, and safety.

2) Transitional:  Transitional is crucial while a utility is shifted from one platform to another. So, portability, reusability, and adaptability are available in this area.

3) Maintenance:  This specifies how properly a software program works withinside the converting surroundings. Modularity, maintainability, flexibility, and scalability are available in the renovation part.

Software Development Lifecycle or SDLC is a chain of ranges in software program engineering to expand proposed software program utility, inclusive of:

·  Communication

·   Requirement Gathering

·   Feasibility Study

·   System Analysis

·    Software Design

·    Coding

·    Testing

·    Integration

·    Implementation

·    Operations and renovation

·    Disposition

Software engineering normally starts off evolving with step one as a consumer-request initiation for a selected venture or an output. He submits his requirement to a provider company organization. The software program improvement group segregates consumer requirements, machine requirements,s, and practical necessities. 

The requirement is gathered via way of means of engaging in interviews with a consumer, regarding a database, analyzing the present machine, etc.

 After requirement gathering, the group analyses if the software program may be made to fulfill all of the necessities of the consumer. The developer then makes a decision on a roadmap of his plan. System evaluation additionally consists of expertise in software program product limitations. 

In line with the requirement and evaluation, a software program layout is made. The implementation of software program layout begins off evolving in phrases of writing application code in an appropriate programming language. 

Software trying out is carried out even as coding via way of means of the builders and thorough trying out is carried out via way of means of trying out professionals at numerous stages of code inclusive of module trying out, application trying out, product trying out, in-residence trying out and trying out the product at consumer`s engagement and feedback.

What is a software engineer?

A software engineer is a person with a software engineering principle that is required to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software applications. The term programmer is sometimes used as an alternative but lacks some vital and functional requirements of engineering education or skills.

There is a huge need for decent software engineers all around the globe from small to big companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.


Successful engineers know how to design everything from computer games to network control systems using the right programming languages, platforms, and architectures. In addition to building their own systems, software engineers also test, improve, and maintain software built by other engineers.

What does a Software Engineer do?

In this role, your day-to-day tasks might include:

·  Designing and maintaining software systems

·   Evaluating and testing new software programs

·   Optimizing software for speed and scalability

·   Writing and testing code

·   Meetings and consultations with clients, engineers, security specialists, and other stakeholders

·        Presenting new features to stakeholders and internal customers

How to become a software engineer?

Being a software engineer typically involves generating and grooming the right technical and workplace skills. Some jobs may require a specific degree or qualification to validate your skills. Here are some details about the requirements for becoming a software engineer.

Software engineering skills

Software developers design software to solve the problems faced by real people. This needs a combined skill of technical knowledge and exceptional communication skills. If you are considering this as a career, you should focus on the following skills:

programming languages such as Python, Java, C, C ++, Scala

·    Object Oriented Programming

·    Database Architecture

·    Agile and Scrum Projects Management

·    Operating System

·    Cloud Computing

·     Version Control

·    Design Testing and Debugging

·    Detailed Attention 

Software Engineering Certification

Once certified, you can build new skills and validate them against potential employers. Since some jobs may require specific certifications, it is advisable to research a list of several jobs from the role of interest before preparing for the certification exam. The common options are:

·  Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)

·  Certified Software Engineer

·  C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP)

· C ++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP)

·  AWS Certified Developer

·  Microsoft Certified: Azure Basics


 Software engineering in Nepal

Due to the undeniable and apparent prospects of software engineering in Nepal, the interest of students in this course is skyrocketing each year. Graduates of the Software Engineering course have knowledge and skills in a defined engineering approach to the analysis, planning, design, and construction of complex systems.

Be it, a Bachelor of Software Engineering or a Master of Software engineering, this course has a unique, project-driven curriculum, establishing a new model of communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and professionalism. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to take on the following roles in IT and software companies:

·    Application Analyst

·     Application Developer

·     Machine Learning Engineer

·     Data Analyst

·     Database Administrator

·     Games Developer

·      Web Designer

·      Project Manager

·     Data Scientist

·     Full stack Developer

·     Information Systems Manager

·     IT Consultant

·     Quality Assurance

·     Multimedia Programmer

·     SEO Specialist

·      Systems Analysts

·      UX Designer

·      Web Developer

After passing this course, students can work in the leading software companies in Nepal such as Cloud factory limited, and Deer walk Services Pvt. Ltd, Leapfrog, Doc Sumo, LIS Nepal, Verscend Technologies, etc.

Software Development in Nepal: Eligibility

The admission requirements for a bachelor’s degree in software engineering in Nepal are:

Students must have an intermediate / + 2 or engineering degree from an accredited institution with the lowest grade of C.

Applicants are required to pass the entrance examinations conducted by their respective universities or organizations.

Software Engineering in Nepal: Scope

People working as software engineers in Nepal typically earn about 75,900 NPR a month. Salaries range from NPR 40,200 (lowest) to NPR 115,000 (highest).

Scope of software engineering

With the rapid growth of the IT industry, there is plenty of room for IT and CS students. A wide range of career opportunities are available in the field of software engineering.

Computer software engineers analyze user needs, provide consulting services to discuss design factors and coordinate software installations. When designing software systems, experts need to consider mathematical models and scientific analysis to predict outcomes.

Many jobs are available at software companies for software engineers. You also need a public sector software engineer. After a good experience, you can start your own software company. You can also work as a freelancer.

 Software engineers can also choose their profession during the apprenticeship period.

You can also work in public and private banks, schools, universities, and financial institutions.  Software engineers can also provide consulting on software development and repair at customers’ request.

There are many opportunities for software engineers not only in India but also abroad.

The job titles/job titles offered to software engineers are:

·      Software developer

·      Software executive

·      Software designer

·      Software programmer

·      System designer

·      Project Manager

·      Information system manager

Software Engineering: Average Salary around the world

Software engineers’ salaries depend on seniority and years of experience. And the margins of different countries can be very high. The digital turmoil has affected all industries. Every day, countries are competing for engineers and are ready to make big bids for the All-Star Engineer competition.

The top countries that offer the most attractive average software engineers’ salaries tend to remain the same for years. These are the United States, Switzerland, Israel, and many countries in Europe.

The most expensive countries for software engineers are:

  • US – $ 110,638
  • Switzerland – $ 95,39
  •  Israel – $ 76,791
  • Norway – $ 64,202
  • Denmark – $ 72,151
  • UK – $ 68,462
  • Germany – $ 60,162
  • Netherlands – $ 54,025
  • New Zealand – $ 46,229
  • Canada – $ 78544
  • Australia – $ 79840
  • India – $ 7712.42

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