Why does GuruSeeksha even exist?

The Problem

The entire student’s life is consumed by schooling. And the whole education journey has been a nightmare for many students due to stress, pressure, and anxiety caused by the faulty education system.


We’ve seen students are suffering in their school life for years. Students are being victims of the faulty education system which is killing tremendous creative young minds.


Students are constantly being accused, abused, criticized, insulted, and sabotaged constantly simply because they couldn’t score good grades in exams. These incidents have impacted young innocent minds deep within preventing them from exploring things joyfully.


Boring and obsolete teaching methodology has made the entire learning process extremely boring. 


Most students study day and night just to pass exams like a donkey in the hope to get a good job and make their life better. Yet their bright hope for a better future turned out to be huge despair.


Students have a false sense that they will get good jobs if they get good grades. In reality, it is not the case as they are taught in colleges. A big reason is they never were taught to handle things beyond getting some good grades in exams somehow.


As teachers in schools, colleges, and universities failed to show the significance of education in their lives, students think there is no use of their education in their lives. So they often wonder what is the use of concepts I am studying?


Thus students seem to be bored during lectures as they don’t see any hope in it. In reality, almost everything in our surroundings is made from the principles that are present in our books if we are willing to look at study beyond exams and getting a job.


Even after completing entire graduation from top universities students don’t know what to do afterward!


Consequently, students are more attracted to a glamorous-looking profession like playing sports, acting, singing, dancing, and many others.


Education was meant to be a spreading ray of light in people’s lives but unfortunately, it’s further taking them to the darkness of confusion.


After understanding the real problems of all students around the globe we decided to help students learn how they can learn efficiently and utilize college education to make their lives better.

The Solution

Students limit school life just for the sake of scoring some good grades rather than discovering new things. Most of the students struggle all their life to get good grades while some students do this task flawlessly.

GuruSeeksha is going to reduce this gap by providing the necessary tools, tips, and tricks. 

Those who get good grades too often fail to have beautiful careers as they clearly lack the required skillsets for a particular job.

GuruSeeksha promises to everyone we are going to help you to solve all your problems from learning to earning. 

Our motto is not to demotivate students, rather we’ll help how every student can learn efficiently? 


How can they raise their understanding to solve problems in real life? How can they be a really good student? How can they be financially independent while studying in college? How can they make optimum use of formal education in their careers?


How can they think beyond getting a good job and passing the exam only? 


GuruSeeksha’s main core is that everybody can learn and explore student life in an amazing way. And can use university education to make their career fabulous.

We’ll help you learn, earn and make an impact on human society.

We make you fall in love with learning, changing your perspective toward your student life.


Why GuruSeeksha?

  • GuruSeeksha provides necessary tools for increasing learning efficiency

  • We provide regular updates regarding exam routines, results, and scholarship programs.

  • You can find all the information regarding learning methodology.

  • Eliminating stress from students’ lives helps to make their journey smooth.

  • We discuss all the solutions to problems that a student faces on a day-to-day basis.

  • Furthermore, we talk about being financially independent while studying in school and colleges.

  • We provide basics concepts of various subjects like maths, physics, management, and other various subjects to make a strong foundation for a better understanding