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Best Websites for students

Best websites for students to study online?

The internet has been installed to offer you, as a scholar the sources you need. There are websites that offer unfastened online publications or have imaginative fabric for college students. 

These websites are created with informative podcasts, movies, and notes, additionally, they take time-to-time evaluation tests. Indeed, there must be a glide of expertise, and it’s useful for scholars and instructors.

This article covers the best interesting and useful sites for students and all kinds of,,, google scholar,, etc., are some of the best websites for students online.

These websites will give the experience of studying in the USA, studying in the UK, studying in Australia, or say studying in some developed country.

Here are some top educating websites imparting efficient learning for both school and college students:


1. EdX:

EDX may be the best site for students and desired by scholars because it is based on Harvard University and MIT from 2012. 

This website offers various free valuable courses to upgrade your skills in various fields too.

EdX is an internet studying vacation spot and MOOC provider, providing superb publications from the world’s pleasant universities and establishments to newbies everywhere. Out of the ninety universities, it consists of pinnacle worldwide rankers. 

2. is one of the best websites for students learning various subjects like maths, history, business, computer, psychology, humanities, and many more. You can access a lot of study material for free as well by paying some money.

On this site, you can learn everything that you learn in school and college in a systematic way. You can consider it as your modern virtual school. 

This website is best for students who want to learn at their own pace at home in an interesting way. Apart from students, this website is also very useful for teachers as well.

Sometimes your teacher might give you very difficult problems to solve in Maths. Don’t worry WolframAlpha can help you massively in this regard.

WolframAlpha helps students to solve problems related to various subjects like Maths(Calculus, Algebra, Geometry), Science, history, commerce, and so on immediately. You can get step by solutions for each whether that is maths or physics numerical problems easily.

It uses its advanced algorithm technology to solve your problems in a matter of time. This website is really useful and beautiful at the same time.

4. Academic Earth: 

The internet site offers a large array of educational alternatives to scholars from conventional to modern-day studies. They offer online diploma publications from accounting and economics to engineering and additionally include fabric on the area of interest topics like behavioral psychology. 

5. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a web search engine rather than a website yet it offers tons of value for writing articles, research papers, journals, abstracts, preprints, dissertations, thesis, technical reports, and so on. 

It is useful for the students for searching on more scientific and in-depth knowledge regarding any topic. The most important thing is that you can get the exact required research articles.

This website can be a great help to write in-depth research papers and doing your assignments related to essays

6. Internet Archive: 

From something to everything, an internet archive is an actual internet site storing the originals from numerous massive websites.

 For example, American libraries consist of the gathering of unfastened e-books without delay connected with the university libraries’ websites. This is one of the pleasant websites offering limitless and handy expertise. 


Duolingo is one of the best sites for learning and mastering a language to speak. It offers plenty of options for different types of learners. 

You can learn languages by playing games and conversing with people in real-time, through the help of stories.

8. The

The student room is best for those who want to seek an abroad education or say want to make a career outside of their country.

 You can get genuine advice from this website regarding which university is best for you. How to apply for a  particular course? What can be the living cost and tuition fee expenses? 

It is basically a community of people made with the intention to guide you for your abroad education and career matters


9. Big Think: 

Big Think has over 2,000 fellows who’ve obtained high-quality repute of their forte. These professionals write articles and document tutorials for the scholars, later the content material is similarly delicate through the editorial group of the internet site, giving actual fabric to the scholars. 

Students could make high-quality use of this internet site by developing their very own awesome ideology because it offers numerous reviews on one subject. Moreover, college students can get perspectives from professionals as well.

10. Coursera:

The second a scholar opens this internet site, he’s sure to get sucked into the number of publications to be had in his subject matter of interest. It is a user-pleasant internet site. Students can discover massive universities and a sharable digital Course Certificate. The courses consist of recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and network dialogue forums. The internet site assures digital certification after completion of each course.

11. Brightstorm:

High faculty students can use this web website online for reference, as an alternative to an interactive reference internet site, a good way to mitigate their studying problems. 

Of course, it isn’t always clean for a scholar to understand the complicated technical terminologies, so the internet site is making the textbooks simpler for college students. They offer assistance in all topics from arithmetic to science, records, and different topics.

12. CosmoLearning:

Unlike different websites, this portal presents education in addition to skill-primarily based totally studying to the scholars. 

Students can both discuss the fabric being furnished or enroll themselves in any of the fifty-eight publications. The internet site is synthesized with 3 predominant alternatives, such as academic fabric, publications, and documentaries.

13. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is an online coaching website. Students who cannot afford to coach can refer to this website. With a personalized dashboard for measuring progress reports, students are free to study at their own pace, providing a win-win. 

There are all traditional school subjects such as math, science, computer programming, history, art history, and economics.

 They also offer lessons in one place, from kindergarten to math. They have partnerships with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to improve student content. The content is also available in 36 languages. 

Some websites assist students in a variety of aspects such as time management, budget management, skill building, online books, audiobooks, distraction management, and fitness support. 

14. Student rate:

Of all the new responsibilities as a student, budgeting is probably the most difficult. This online portal is for you as a student to find the best discounts and literally earn cash back on your purchases. 

15. Koofers:

Koofers is a handy website that brings together an interactive environment for students for all transactions and events at school. 

Koofers’ service spans an academic calendar from course selection to the final exam. It includes interactive flashcards, course and faculty reviews, professor grade history, and an online library for sharing past exams and learning materials. increase. 

16. Alarmy (sleep if you can):

Alarms are a very high rank among students. Not only does it turn off the alarm clock, it also guarantees that you are awake.

 This can be done by forcing Alarmy to move to a specific location. Register and set a photo of your home area or room. 

17. OpenStudy:

OpenStudy is a social learning network designed to allow students to ask questions, provide help, study the same, or meet other students with the same problems. 

This platform helps you learn more and solve problems faster than meeting professors and teachers manually. 

18. Sworkit:

Sworkit is a workout-on-demand app with a variety of exercises that you can run almost anywhere without a device. All work and play are not boring. Sworkit allows students to get enough exercise without actually going to the gym.

19. Help.PlagTracker:

This website is one of the best websites students use to check their work for plagiarized content. You can use it to detect plagiarism, fix syntax errors, and even proofread your work before submitting it. This site is not limited to students, site owners, and others who are interested in protecting your writing.

20. Audible:

Audible is an internet audiobook and podcast carrier owned through It lets in you apply audiobooks and different types of spoken phrase content.

\ If you no longer have the time to take a seat down and undergo analyzing an e-book or a book, you can get quality knowledge by listening to them on audible.


21. Mint:

Mint is a private monetary control internet site and cell app which aids your private finance. 

Gaining budgeting awareness takes time and effort, however, the whole thing will cross a whole lot extra easily with the assistance of Mint, a loose internet site in order to categorize and prepare your fees for you.

22. InstaGrok:

Instagrok makes studying a lot less complicated and fine. The internet site has a totally interactive visible interface that lets you quickly draw close to critical concepts, key records, and relationships.

23. Studious: com.young.studious

This internet site is used to prepare your busy agenda efficiently and make sure you hold music for your homework or exam. With studiousness, you will slightly omit tests or quizzes. It is sort of a to-do listing, best better.

24. StudyBlue:

StudyBlue is certainly considered one of the biggest crowdsourced examination apps for students. This internet site facilitates you loads through growing a examine institution and having you proportion your flashcards for loose.

 You also can personalize your examine substances with pictures and audio. On StudyBlue, you could quiz yourself to music your development and additionally set examination reminders. This internet site may be very effortlessly accessed together along with your laptop and cell devices.

25. SelfControl:

This internet site guarantees you live centered to store time and you could block sites and hold you far from different distracting websites. It could be very critical to living far from distractions for the duration of analyzing time. 

This loose Mac app will assist you to keep away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and different distracting websites. You might be required to feature websites in your block listing and set a time period for the dam.

Some other websites to access students with global content are listed below:

26 Poetry 

A derivative of RapGenius, LitGenius is where scholars have formed a community for commenting on both classical and contemporary poetry and literature. This is a very useful resource, especially for English literature students. 


TED hosts thought-provoking talks on core technology, entertainment, and design topics at events around the world, but in reality, it covers almost every aspect of the human experience. All videos of these talks can be found on the TED site. These are other great procrastination tool, but they may also give you inspiration for your next essay.


Tutors tell you to never refer to Wikipedia in homework, but the co-edited encyclopedia project can be a very useful tool for your homework and early research on the project.


Bartleby publishes classical literature, poetry, nonfiction, and reference books for free.


Project Gutenberg offers free online access to expired texts. To date, over 56,000 texts have been digitized. 


Finally, don’t forget to check out all the student resources on, including advice on all aspects of student life, blogging communities, student forums, university rankings, country guides, course guides, scholarships, and more along with study abroad applications and career planning.

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