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MBBS in Bangladesh

Study MBBS in Bangladesh-A complete guide for International Students

MBBS in Bangladesh is quite becoming quite popular, as Bangladesh is transforming into the most awaited destination for students from countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, and many more for globally recognized MBBS degrees.

 There are numerous students who are applying to top medical universities in Bangladesh every year. One of the most feasible reasons for this is the affordable cost of living and education in comparison to the other medical colleges around the globe. The MBBS course duration in Bangladesh is a total of 5 years.


Why study MBBS in Bangladesh?

  • There are total 7 medical universities with the recognition and approval of MCI – Medical Council of India, ECFMG – Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA, FAIMER’s IMED – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research’s International Media Education Directory, ACGME – Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; MCC – Medical Council of Canada and WHO- World Health Education.


  • This opens up the opportunity for the graduate students to be eligible to appear in several medical tests like USMLE, PLAB as well as the screening examination and also start their medical practice across the globe.


  •   Some key attractions of studying MBBS in Bangladesh are quality education with affordable and advanced learning mechanisms by globally recognized universities, excellent results, and high-quality accommodation at cheap rates.


  •   Bangladesh has gone through a lot of improvements in education in the process of making it one of the preferred destinations for medical students. There are several factors that motivate me on choosing Bangladesh to pursue an MBBS degree for international students.


  • Another reason is obviously the outstanding standard of education in comparison to the standards of some other nations. The affordable fee structure and accommodation cost makes it the most feasible destination in terms of expenses. One can expect high-quality standards and facilities in the best university environment. The top medical universities in Bangladesh are highly dedicated to offering high-quality standards and well-experienced teaching faculty.

Why study MBBS in Bangladesh for Nepalese students?

Bangladesh is located near the eastern border of Nepal. The geographical structure and climate are much more relatable to feel like a home. The culture is closely knitted to Nepalese culture and tradition. As a result, many Nepalese students prefer to study MBBS in Bangladesh after plus two.

The provision of theoretical and practical learning integration makes it more skill-oriented. The students are given the opportunity to get internships at some of the finest and most reputed hospitals. The degree is globally recognized by WHO and UNESCO making it easier to get medical practice in your own country or any other country around the globe after completion.

Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

· Z.H. Sikder Women’s Medical College

· Enam Medical College and Hospital

· Shahabuddin Medical College

· MH Samorita Medical College

· Medical College for Women and Hospital

· Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College & Hospital

· Anwer Khan Modern Medical College

· Bangladesh University of Professionals

· Gono Bishwabiddalay, Bangladesh

· Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Requirements to study in Bangladesh?

In case you have well processed the decision to study MBBS in Bangladesh, now a very crucial step of getting along is the judgment and collection of requirements. The foremost requirement of consideration includes:

Age Limit Criteria: The aspirant should not be less than 17 years and also not more than 25 years as of 31st December of the admission year.

Funding: The approximate cost of the MBBS study ranges between 40-45 lakhs minimum for five years which is quite a lot more money. In case you don’t have the amount, studying MBBS in Bangladesh on a scholarship can be the only option.

Student Visa: A secured student visa is the final requirement to study MBBS in Bangladesh.


Eligibility for admission

The eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Bangladesh for international students are listed below

1. The aspirant must have passed the qualifying examinations (HSC/ ‘A’ level) or equivalent examination.

2. The time duration of the passed date for Class 10 (X) or SSC/ ‘O’ or equivalent examination should not be before 2018

3. The time duration of the passed date for Class 12 [XII (10+2)] or HSC/ ‘A’ or equivalent examination should not be before 2020

4.  The minimum aggregate GPA in SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent need to be 8.00.

5. The minimum GPA either in SSC or equivalent or in HSC or equivalent needs to be 3.5.

6. The minimum GPA in biology needs to be 3.5.

7. Only the top 5 subjects are considered for calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent exam. So, GPA in ‘O’ level equals total marks obtained in the top five subjects I.e., 5.

8. Only 3 subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are considered for calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent exam.

9. The qualifying Grade in each subject is “C”. So, GPA in ‘A’ level equals total marks obtained in three subjects I.e., 3.

10.  The year of passing the 12th standard should not be more than one year gap.

How to apply to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

The intake process in Bangladesh starts in February and the admission deadline is May. The classes are started in the month of August. The application process for MBBS in Bangladesh includes the following sequential steps:

·        First, you need to fill out the application form for the medical college of your preference for applying at it. You can also get help from the online staff of the college for application.

·        The scan copies of your passport and other necessary documents need to be submitted correctly.

·        Within 10 days, you can collect the admission letter from Medical College or university.

·        The immigration procedure will be started as soon as you get the confirmation letter.

·        Visit your country’s Bangladesh Embassy. You are expected to receive an invitation letter within a month.

·        Before applying for a visa, check each document and then only apply for a visa if all goes well.


Required documents:

The following list comprises the required documents for the admission process:

· Valid photocopy of your passport

· Some passport-sized recently clicked photographs

· Original copy of the birth certificate

· All the academic documents I.e., mark sheet and pass certificate of 10th and 12th.

· Proof of residence

· All required financial documents.

· Other declared certificates and documents.

· Certificate of clearance of entrance examination

Expenses/Fee structure:

The total expenses of getting an MBBS degree are quite affordable in comparison to universities in other nations. In Bangladesh, the approximate cost of an MBBS study in Bangladesh ranges between 40-45 lakhs minimum for five years. Additionally, the expenses of accommodation are nearly 1 lakh per year.

Bangladesh SAARC quota admission is allocated to students from SAARC counties to pursue the MBBS degree without paying tuition fees. For this, the aspirant must have secured 95% marks in the 12th standard.


Life of MBBS students in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a country to travel around and explore its rich natural beauty and culture. The food of Bangladesh has much in resemblance with the food habit of neighboring India and Nepal with common food habits of Rice, Dal, vegetables, fish, and eggs.

The canteens in the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh have reasonably priced food available. There is no such dress code. One should wear formal dresses I.e. No Jeans in class and one have to wear white aprons. The country greatly values Student safety, quality of education, and cost optimization.

In Bangladesh, universities usually prefer summer break. The summer vacation begins in mid-May and ends in mid-June (4 weeks). Also, in many schools, the holiday during the month of Ramadan (Around mid-May to around mid-April) is passed off as a summer vacation.

During this period, students usually choose to enjoy the beauty of the culture and tour around. Students from Nepal and India choose to take a short trip back to their home countries to spend time with their families too.

Opportunities after study:

After the completion of the MBBS course in Bangladesh, the graduates are eligible to go for post-graduation in many countries around the globe. There are several government or private hospitals where MBBS graduates can practice their medical careers.

 Further, there are several opportunities to practice as a surgeon in different government or private healthcare centers. The career of a professor or lecturer in medical universities and colleges is also one of the best opportunities. The degree also permits opening a private clinic for treatment services.

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