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How to do Study Online at Home?

Seeing at current scenario being everything online, studying online is the best choice for many reasons. Many courses can be studied online at a time and place of your preference.

There are many different courses to choose from if you want to study online. You can study for everything from your Bachelor’s Degree to your Doctor’s Degree, or even a single language course. A lot of universities and colleges offer online education presently.

You can access the wisdom of the entire planet within some hours due to the technological advancement that humans have achieved. 

Due to online education, everyone on the planet irrespective of their geographical hindrances can get top university education sitting at their home.

Apart from a formal college degree, online websites have helped to learn new skills enhancing learning to the next level. Nowadays we can learn from making coffee to machine learning, and this is the incredible privilege of this era.


You should have a secluded place where you can study without interruption. It is also important that you have good lighting, as well as a computer that works properly. Nowadays mobile phones and tablets are also really handy for studying online.

Read the syllabus, and make sure that you have everything you will need to complete the course. Don´t keep your teacher a stranger, e-mail him or her if there are things you need to be clarified.

How to study online?

  • First of all,  create an aesthetic environment at home/office, and make sure that it is easier to focus automatically.
  • Buying extra affordable online courses related to your field is going to be a game-changer as they give you a different perspective. But make sure to check reviews before buying any courses.
  • Devote time for each class when you study online at home in your office. An hour a day, five days a week for each class is recommended.
  •  Don’t forget to take regular breaks – this is extra important when you´re in front of a computer. If you plan your study time in blocks, it will make things easier. 
  • Remember to make time for research, reading your assignments, and time for online group discussions.
  • Just like classes at the university, it could be good for you to form a study group with other students in your class.

Advantages of studying online

  • Flexibility: When you’re studying online, you can study at times that fit into your schedule. If you have a job, you can still work while you study as you can fit your schedule around it. 
  • Affordable: Another good thing is, that you don’t have to pick courses that are only held locally. The amazing thing is, you can buy courses as per your budget as there are a plethora of websites offering online education of your choice at an affordable price.

This avoids of compulsion to stick around to one course even if you don’t like it. Thus you can save some bucks and invest money in some other areas of life.

  • Time-Saving: You will save both time and money since you don’t have to travel. Online courses reduce compulsion for learning all the unnecessary portion of the course.
  • Learn in your style: Online study eliminates the stress of learning fast and competing with people constantly. You can learn at your own pace comfortably without any extra pressure boosting your learning efficiency.
  • Accessibility: It is our privilege that we can access courses of any top university and top tutor of the world on our computers, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • Develops a broader perspective: You get to chance to meet different tutors and professionals having their own typical culture, techniques for learning new things, teaching methodology, and unique way of thinking or problem-solving. 

Such a scenario definitely helps you to shape a new perspective regarding various aspects of life. Different ideas from a lot of people around the globe certainly help to innovate something new. 

  • Plenty of options: Due to the availability of the internet, we have access to the entire planet without any doubt. There are many online websites that provide online courses in different fields like programming, engineering, accounting, management, business, and medicine. 

Coursera, Edx, Skillshare, Udemy, Google-Grow with Google, Codecademy, Harvard online courses, MIT OpenCourseWare, Khan Academy, Udacity, and are some of the major websites in which you can learn and study online in any field.

Disadvantages of studying online

  • Lack of physical interaction: Studying online does not provide the same kind of interaction with your teacher and fellow students as face-to-face study time does. Such a scenario often increases the problem of loneliness among people.
  • Technical problem: If you are unlucky, you might get a teacher for your class who is not used to teaching online courses. This might mean that you don’t get the support you need. 

Moreover, most part of the world is deprived of fast internet connection although internet penetration is increasing.  

  • Requirement of high-speed internet many times: Also, keep in mind that you will need a high-speed internet connection to participate in most online classes and that some courses require you to download software. If your computer doesn’t support this software or if your internet is too slow, this might cause problems. 
  • Outdated courses: This single issue sometimes becomes a major headache while studying online. Technologies are changing frequently, and as a result, there might be some major updates in the software that you are using for learning a skill. But your tutor courses might be taught in the old version of the software. This many times creates major learning conflicts hindering your learning process.
  • Frequent distraction: Almost everyone on the internet is online now via different social media platforms. The trend of scrolling on social media walls frequently, checking news feeds, likes, and comments on posts is quite common among people. 

Even if we have something important tasks to do we still check our social media as if there is something significant to do. The habit of checking social media frequently can seriously deteriorate your ability to focus. Consequently, it hinders productivity.

  • Health issues: Sitting at the computer for a long period of time can cause several health issues like pain in the neck and shoulder, headache, eyestrain, and injuries to the arms and hands. Furthermore, the blue light emitted through computer and mobile screens hamper eyesight.

Hope this article helped to clear your doubts regarding online study!! If it does please share this post with your friends and family.


Whether you are studying for IELTS exams preparation or maybe any other competitive exams or say you are preparing for your college exams. An organized online study plan can greatly enhance your preparation significantly because of quality resources.

Sometimes you may not get many concepts from the lecturer but some teachers from the internet can teach the same concept in a more effective way. Thus exploring concepts from online surely helps in your study.

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