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Top 4 reasons to study +2 in Kathmandu valley after SEE?


After passing plus two-level, most of the students want to come to the valley to study after SEE. Also, many other districts have decent colleges. Thus Many students might be in a dilemma should I study in my region or move to the valley.

Today in this blog we are going to discuss why it is better to study in the valley?

1. Quality Education

Kathmandu, being the capital city of the country has an ample amount of educational institutions to study after SEE. Moreover, most schools and colleges have the same level of quality.  

Why studying in Kathmandu offers you quality education?

a) Plenty of colleges

There are numerous no. of plus colleges in Kathmandu valley. Competition among all colleges to get the students is quite high. Cut-throat competition among all colleges has certainly helped to maintain the quality of education.

CCRC, Capital College and Research Centre, St. Xavier, Prasadi Academy, United college, and Global College of management are some of the famous colleges for higher secondary study in the valley.

b) Experienced teachers

Almost all colleges in the valley have really good teachers. As the same teachers teach many colleges thus the availability of quality teachers might not be the issue. 

Many teachers want to teach in the valley cause they get paid well than other regions of the country. Furthermore, many teachers want to teach in the valley for their children to provide quality education to them.

c) Availability of labs

Most of the colleges in the valley have well-equipped chemistry, biology, physics, and computer labs. 

Emphasis on regular practical classes makes valley’s colleges more efficient. More laboratory classes help in understanding theoretical concepts of textbooks well.

2. IOE and IOM preparation becomes easier

IOE-Institute Of Engineering and IOM-Institute Of Medicine are two popular organizations for engineering and medical studies in Nepal.

Famous medical entrance preparation institutions like Name and Vibrant are located in the valley. 

Similarly, PEA, Ocean, and SEA are some of the famous institutions for engineering entrance preparation that are also available in the Kathmandu valley.

Most importantly, all the colleges give priority to entrance preparation and some also run entrance preparation classes during the normal college day. This gives a clear guide for preparation along with increases your chances of passing the entrance exam even more.

If you want to make entrance preparation, even more, easier, all these institutions run classes while studying in the colleges. 

Thus you can prepare for the entrance joining these institutions and complete your plus two-level education at the same time. This is the main feature that other colleges outside the valley are deprived of.

3. Guidance to choose the better carrier 

Students who study out of the valley are unknown to the different educational opportunities available after plus two-level. There are lots of studying options but unfortunately many don’t know about them.

 Like BIT, BSC. computing offered by foreign universities and another computer degree like BSC.CSIT. Unfortunately, many students don’t even know about the several educational programs offered by universities available in Nepal.

Consequently, many students can’t think more than engineering, medical, and Lok Sewa.  I’ve seen many students who even don’t about engineering and medical scholarship programs offered by the Nepal government after completing plus two. 

This problem is most prevalent among the students who are new to the Kathmandu valley. 

Moreover, those who want to study abroad in the countries like Australia, England, the US, and Canada can have easy access to an ample amount of consultancy.

Many colleges themselves organize carrier consulting programs, helping the student to choose a better carrier option for them. This is unlikely to happen in the colleges outside the valley for sure.

4. Exposure to extra-curricular activities

 Exposure to different other activities like basketball competitions, football competitions, quiz competitions, and speech competitions are mostly organized inside the valley.

Many colleges like CCRC, Golden Gate, and Xavier International College have their separate basketball teams that compete yearly in several competitions. Some students get scholarships as well by playing for their respective college teams.

Students get a chance to represent their colleges in a Famous quiz competition like Quiz Mania, which is also held in the valley. 

Although students outside the valley also get a chance to participate in the competition. Yet the winning percentage is quite high among the colleges inside the valley.

Sometimes South Asian speech competitions are also held inside the valley. 

Furthermore, many private corporations and international institutions organize several scholarship programs.

All this exposure really can enhance your personal and professional competence as well. Even little recognition in those programs can make your carrier journey a lot easier for sure.


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