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MBBS entrance in Nepal

10 youtube channels for MBBS entrance preparation in Nepal?

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), is an undergraduate program where an individual prepares for their career in the medical field. In Nepal, there are only limited seats for such programs.  MBBS entrance preparation in Nepal is really a challenging task.

So, you need to study hard even to pass the entrance exams. The entrance exam is called MECEE BL, which stands for Medical Education Common Entrance Examination for Bachelor Level.

Many students prepare for the MBBS entrance exam while studying in the plus two as this exam needs long dedicated time and effort.

If you don’t have enough money for paying a preparation center or you want to learn even more there are a lot of online resources on youtube.

Since the exams are tough and many of you are eager to study here in Nepal, we have brought you some of the best YouTube channels through which you can prepare for the tough competition. 

Here are the top 10 youtube channels for MBBS entrance preparation in Nepal:


Next on the list is Osmosis. This channel is one of the best for preparing for the MBBS entrance examinations. You can find answers to almost all of your questions on the model question paper. Although it is not a Nepali channel yet you can get a ton of resources making it one of the best youtube channel for MBBS entrance preparation. The main features of this channel’s videos are:

  • They have categorized playlists according to various medical-related courses.
  • Provides quality content with attractive designs.
  • Provides easy-to-memorize information.

2. MedCram

Although MedCram isn’t a Nepal-based YouTube channel. However, it can be a very good resource for MBBS entrance preparation in Nepal. It provides all the necessary notes for the exam. Here’s why you should subscribe to this channel:

  • Provides best medical advice through the YouTube channel.
  • Includes information on pandemic situations and how to handle them. 
  • Gives lectures on various medical terms and courses. 
  • Spreads awareness about various uncommon diseases, which may help the entrance examination.

3. Er Sanubhai

Although Er Sanubhai isn’t a channel solely providing information on medical studies, we have listed this channel as one of the top YouTube channels for MBBS exam preparation. Following are the reasons why we included this channel on our list:

  • Has a separate playlist for medical courses available in Nepal.
  • Provides information on MBBS entrance examination requirements.
  • Provides tips in Nepali, which is easy for Nepalese students to understand. 
  • This channel not only focuses on MBBS but also on other major courses and their benefits. 
  • It has a separate playlist compiling all the necessary information regarding the MBBS course in Nepal. 

4. Khan Academy Medicine

Khan Academy is one of the best learning channels for children to adults. Moreover, they have a separate channel where they post about medical studies in particular. 

You can study and take notes from this channel for your MBBS entrance exam preparations. It is beneficial when it comes to biological explanations and notes. Here’s why you must refer to this channel:

  • Proper explanations with animated diagrams.
  • Categorized playlists about the human body.
  • Straightforward explanations and explicit language.

5. Lecturio

Lecturio is a great channel to refer to if you’re looking for medical notes and explanations. Here, you can learn from various lecturers who are experts in the medical field. 

When preparing for the MBBS entrance examinations, this channel might be suitable for all your problems’ solutions. The features of this channel’s videos are: 

  • Lectures from actual professional medical lecturers.
  • Proper PowerPoint presentation and clear instructions.
  • Famous guest lecturers, who are the face of YouTube’s learning channels.

6. Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Dr. Najeeb is one of the best lecturers you can find online. He has provided an enormous amount of information regarding the medicine course. You can find lectures on any topic and get reliable information from this channel. If you refer to this channel, you’ll be learning from one of the best medicine lecturers. Here’s why you should follow this channel’s instructions:

  • Teachers use a whiteboard which creates a classroom-like environment for the students. 
  • Uses metaphors to explain certain points which are easy to understand. 

7. Cajun Koi Academy

Initially named ‘Mike and Matty,’ Cajun Koi Academy channel is run by two brothers who are also doctors. They are very specific with their explanations of different medical terms. Moreover, they provide you with knowledge on how to balance life and work as a doctor. 

Being in the medical field, you must also prepare for the aftermath. So, this channel not only helps you prepare for the MBBS entrance examinations but also qualifies for the aftermath. Once you are invested in this channel, it can be a complete guide for the rest of your medical career. Here’s why they are one of the best duo teachers on the internet: 

  • The combination and work of the duo are praiseworthy.
  • High-quality content and sharing real-life experiences. 
  • They have an understandable accent which makes it easier to understand certain explanations.

8. Ninja Nerd

If you’re looking for a less tedious and more fun lecture, you definitely need to check out this channel named Ninja Nerd. They have the most unique way of presenting the lectures in a fun way. 

The most important thing to remember while referring to this channel is that you’re in for a perfect way of fun lectures and explanations that’ll amaze your mind. Some even say that this channel has the most beautiful lectures and presentations.

  • Attractive and quality content along with necessary information.
  • Fun and easy lectures help you understand certain concepts without getting bored or exhausted.
  • Easy and beautiful drawing figures.

9. Armando Hasudungan

Armando Hasudungan is undoubtedly the best YouTube channel for medical students. Here, they give not only the best lectures but also present handmade drawings, which help the students improve their drawing skills in the medical field. 

  • Short videos with all the necessary information.
  • Drawing tutorial along with lectures. 
  • Easy language and easier explanations.

So, these are the top 10 channels to help you prepare for the MBBS entrance examinations. Although some channels aren’t Nepal-based, they’ll help you understand certain concepts. You can refer to all the channels taking turns. 

10. Dr. Dipen Lama

Dr. Dipen Lama started his YouTube channel in 2018 and has been active on YouTube ever since. Although he began with vlogs and book reviews, he eventually started giving tips and advice to students on different levels in Nepal. Here are some of the main features of his videos on YouTube:

  • Provides information on various entrance exam courses available in Nepal. 
  • Suggests the best colleges available in Nepal to study medicine. 
  • Offers tips and guidelines on preparation for MBBS entrance exams. 
  • Shows the reality of a doctor’s life in Nepal through various vlogs. 
  • Uploads new videos with different weekly tips regarding the MBBS entrance exam preparation. 

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