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Best Bsc CSIT colleges in Nepal

12 Best BSc CSIT colleges in Nepal? – Ultimate guide!

There are many BSc CSIT colleges in Nepal to facilitate the IT needs of students that select students on the basis of the BSc CSIT entrance exam.

Bachelor of Science in computer science and information technology-Bsc CSIT is a four years undergraduate degree from Tribhuvan University (TU) under the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST).

This course is dissociated into 8 semesters where each semester has a duration of 6 months. The entire course consists of a total of 126 credit hours under the International University Guidelines.

The major highlights of this program are as follows:

  • This course constitutes the program of both Computer Science and Information technology and delivers the ideal principles on how these can be implicated to solve different real-world problems.
  • This course is the perfect blend of core Computer Science as well as IT which facilitates the learner to study both software development as well as networking.
  • The comparison of this course with other IT degrees makes us aware of how dynamic and advanced the course is. With perfect depth in theoretical and practical learning implicated, this has become the most recent and certified computer course in Nepal.

BSc CSIT program is being conducted in more than 54 colleges all over Nepal where 10 constitute campus and the remaining are operated privately by the colleges affiliated with TU.

There are many best Bsc CSIT colleges in Nepal like ASCOL, St. Xavier, Patan Multiple Campus and more.

In this era of great competition, even colleges are in the race of claiming their rank and best peculiar feature to put themself at the top. These are the top BSc CSIT colleges in Nepal as per our research which consist of both colleges inside the valley as well as outside the valley.

Inside Valley:

1.Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL)

Location: Leknath Marga, Kathmandu

ASCOL is itself the finest college in Nepal that has offered education since 1918. Even for the BSc CSIT program, ASCOL has been a top preference for students with the highest rank in the merit list through the entrance examination. Scholarship, affordable cost, and a highly academic environment are the main features of this campus making it among the best Bsc CSIT colleges in Nepal. 

This campus is semi-autonomous under IOST with partial decentralization. The total no of seats for the program is 108. This campus is the source of some finest technical manpower in the national and international markets from Nepal.

Seats: 108

2.Patan Multiple Campus

Address: Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur

With the longest history of education since 1954 even before the foundation of Tribhuvan University (TU), it is the most popular constituent campus of TU. The campus provides different courses for bachelor’s and master’s studies along with BSc CSIT.

The glorifying history, in-depth teaching faculty, and large study compound are the additional features of this campus. It has 108 seats for the BSc CSIT program with a great scholarship fund. The campus assures the quality of education with great transformation over time.

3. St Xavier’s College

Location: Maitighar, Kathmandu

St Xavier’s College is one of the finest educational institutes for higher studies. It has been offering quality education since 1988 under the management of the Nepal Jesuit Society.

The motive of the academy is to serve the nation through highly qualified human resources. 

It offers education in 13 different programs. BSc CSIT is a very popular program at this institution. It generates its own entrance along with TU IOST entrance to get the most eligible ones for admission.

A total of 48 students are enrolled in one batch. The best educational environment, the most advanced resources, and the feasible location for accessibility are the peculiar features of this campus.

Seats: 48

4. Texas International College

Location: Chabahil, Kathmandu

Texas International College is an academic institution that is operated under the management of energetic and highly deliberative educational professionals working desperately for quality education since 2009. This campus has different degrees affiliated with national as well as international universities.

 BSc CSIT, being a highly advanced degree, is a very popular one of this institution. Along with an affordable fee structure, an advanced lab and transportation facility are offered by the college. The total no of seats allocated for the program is 36.

5.Nepal College of Computer Studies

Address: Paknajol Marg, Kathmandu

Nepal College of Computer Studies (NCCS) is a highly functional institute in both professionalism and experience established in 1999.

The college facilitates multiple degrees in the field of management and IT with an aspiration to cope with global advancement in the field of management and computer science.

The total enrollment quota per batch is  36.  An efficient global environment and professional guidance are the statements of this organization.


6.Nagarjuna College of Information Technology

Address: Patan, Lalitpur

Nagarjuna College of IT is listed as the best college running in Nepal validated through students’ perspectives. This college has been providing quality education since 1998. BSc CSIT is a promising faculty of this institution where one can expect education through well-experienced faculty and a beautiful environment at an affordable cost.

seats: 36.

7.Madan Bhandari Memorial College

Location: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Madan Bhandari Memorial (MBM) College is an academic institution under Madan Bhandari Foundation to implicate the academic vision of a renowned and respected leader Madan Bhandari. It is a non-profit making institute established in 2001 with a motive to impart quality education in an affordable fee structure for all the financial groups of people within the entire nation. 

The college is extremely popular for its academic presentation and excellence. The BSc CSIT program is a high-demand course for this organization. One can expect a good educational environment with the least funding from this organization.

8.Ambition College

Address: Kathmandu

Ambition college is a visionary academic institution and among good BSc CSIT colleges established in 2060 BS. Academic proficiency and a peaceful environment are the peculiar foundations of this academy.

This institution believes in a technical approach for best learning ethics. Thus, the college has a good academic history as well as a market approach. Total no of seats allocated: 36.

9. Sagarmatha Engineering College

Location: Sanepa, Lalitpur

Sagarmatha Engineering College is a well-renowned engineering academy with highly dedicated resourceful faculty members that help students turn their ambition into reality.

Since 2010, within this short timeframe, the college has succeeded in producing efficient engineers.

Also entrepreneurs with an enterprise to transform the social scenario. BSc CSIT course in this institution is as hyped as engineering where enhancement of technical skillset is kept on priority.

The students are even more enthusiastic about coordinating with the college administration and committee for additional support and training.

One can enjoy a perfect studious environment with the company of several tech-enthusiast teachers and students from all over the country.

10. Kathmandu College of Technology

Location: Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

Kathmandu College of Technology (KCT) formerly known as Samajik College is a contributive academy situated at the peaceful premise of Bhaktapur district.

The college implies a perfect technical environment with a motive to transform the IT and Computing future of the nation.

A student in this academy is facilitated with several professional courses alongside academics to shape the perfect market-oriented skill for better placement after graduation.

seats: 36

11.Samriddhi College

Location: Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

Samriddhi College is an academy of experienced, international educators with an aim of offering good academics along with technical excellence.

The BSc CSIT program in this college is designed in such a way that could fill up the gap between academic requirements and market prophecy with an advanced curriculum and challenges.

Outside Valley:

12.Birendra Memorial College

Address: Dharan, Sunsari

Birendra Memorial College (BMC) is a reputed college for higher studies established in the beautiful town of the eastern region established in 2060.

It is the finest college for a bachelor’s degree in different faculties of business and applied science.

Highly qualified lecturers and professionals make it the best choice for students. BSc CSIT is also a prominent faculty of this institution. And mainly has much interest from students of the eastern region.

13.Mahendra Multiple Campus

Location: Nepalgunj, Banke

Mahendra Multiple Campus was established in 2014 as Narayan Inter College in 2014 Bs. It is one of the oldest and biggest educational institutes of the Mid-Western development region of Nepal with the purpose of quality higher education programs.

Different faculties of bachelor’s and master’s programs are offered by this campus. The institution can be the best destination for all the students of the western region trying to pursue efficient academics at a prominent cost. The BSc CSIT program holds a total of 36 seats on this campus.


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