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Best 10 YouTube channels for Loksewa preparation in Nepal?

Loksewa Aayog, also known as the Public Service Commission, is an independent constitutional body that acquires citizens of Nepal for government jobs. Thousands of candidates apply for the positions available, and there is tough competition in the selection process. For people need resources for loksewa preparation that are quality yet for free.

Many government offices like Civil Service, Nepal Police, Nepal Army, and many more announce vacancies and start the procedures for selection. 

Although there isn’t a stable political condition in Nepal, only deserving candidates are selected for any given position. So, you must be fully prepared for the Loksewa Aayog examinations. Although there are many institutes in Kathmandu for preparation of exams of loksewa they might be expensive for so many people out there. 

Since there is such tough competition, you must be searching for the best preparation guide for the Loksewa examination. So, we have brought you the best YouTube channels for loksewa preparation to help you prepare for the examination from home. 

1. Exam Sanjal

Exam Sanjal is one of the best channels for Loksewa preparation. It not only provides the syllabus for Lok Sewa Aayog but also gives information on various governmental factors in Nepal. Here’s why you must refer to this channel:

  • Categorized playlists on different governmental issues.
  • Update on the new syllabus for Lok Sewa Aayog.
  • Guidelines for Lok Sewa preparation. 
  • Information on governmental updates.
  • Explanation and visuals in the Nepali language. 

Having such features, this channel can provide you with the best tricks and guidelines for your Lok Sewa preparations. As this channel also provides you with facts about governmental updates, it’ll also help you with general knowledge of the Nepal government. 

2. GK IQ Loksewa Plus

As the name suggests, GK IQ Loksewa Plug channel provides General Knowledge questions for the Lok Sewa Aayog preparations. However, it is not only limited to that. It also provides Lok Sewa’s model questions and their solutions. So, the features of this channel are:

  • Includes information on vacancies available in Lok Sewa.
  • Solves model questions in a categorized playlist.
  • It uses the Nepali language, which is easier to understand. 
  • Has a categorized playlist of Lok Sewa in different provinces of Nepal. 
  • Provides notices and recent updates on Lok Sewa Aayog. 

This channel is best for you to subscribe to as it provides you with updates on Lok Sewa Aayog. It not only helps you prepare for the examination but also with tricks and guidelines for interviews and such.

3. LokSewa Solution Nepal

LokSewa Solution Nepal solely focuses on guiding people in exam preparation. They provide you with guidelines and solutions to specific model questions, especially questions provided by Naya Subba. The videos uploaded by this channel have the following features:

  • Has answers to many set questions provided by Naya Subba.
  • They provide instructions in simple Nepali language. 
  • This channel solely focuses on Lok Sewa Aayog preparations.
  • Has a compiled list of solutions to the questions provided by GorthaPatra Gyan Sagar. 
  • Solution guide to the first and second stages of the examination.

Since this channel solely focuses on Lok Sewa Aayog preparations, you can easily find numerous solutions to specific questions. Moreover, they provide model questions from different publications, which help you compile complete information on Lok Sewa. 

4. Gurubaa

Being a Nepali students, most of you are well aware of this channel. Although Gurubaa mainly focuses on topics of management, it has also started providing information on Lok Sewa Aayog. If you check out this channel, you can find the most recently uploaded guidelines for Lok Sewa exam preparations. Here’s what you’ll find on this channel:

  • CMAT logical answer preparation in the Nepali Language. 

Although this channel hasn’t provided many answers in its channel, this one video might just be the one you’re looking for. Finding solutions for CMAT logical answers in the Nepali language is hard, so this video will help you understand in the easiest way possible.

5. Health Loksewa

Health Loksewa is one of the best educational channels for Lok Sewa preparations. Here, you can find all the solutions for Health Lok Sewa preparations. Dr. Shisir Kumar Adhikari runs this channel, and he provides information regarding Health Lok Sewa Aayog. The following are the features of this informative channel:

  • Solutions for past questions appeared on the Lok Sewa examination.
  • Informative videos on Lok Sewa guidelines according to separate provinces. 
  • Understandable instructions and explanations in the Nepali language. 

Since this channel primarily focuses on the health sector, many of you might not find it intriguing. However, if you’re looking for answers for Health Lok Sewa Aayog, you should definitely subscribe to this channel for loksewa preparation.

6. Loksewa Preparation

Loksewa preparation is exactly what the title suggests. It provides you with all the details regarding Lok Sewa Aayog. Moreover, they have different videos on different topics to appear on the examination. Here’s all you need to know about this channel:

  • Categorized playlist for Lok Sewa preparations.
  • Different videos on various issues appearing on the Lok Sewa examination.
  • Attractive visuals and original content.
  • Videos are explained in the Nepali language with model question solutions. 

This informative channel might just have the solutions and guidelines you want. So, refer to this channel if you want to pass with excellent performance.

7. Loksewa Gyan

Like some of the channels mentioned above, Loksewa Gyan channel is also solely focused on Lok Sewa Aayog preparation. The one thing different about this channel is that they stream live quizzes on Lok Sewa questions. So, subscribe to this channel for accessing the following features:

  • Frequent live stream quizzes regarding Lok Sewa Aayod questions.
  • Solutions to model questions of different years.
  • Online classes taught by experienced lecturers. 
  • Guide and tricks for interview questions.

8. Loksewa Guru

Although the title of Loksewa Guru suggests that it solely focuses on Lok Sewa, it is a versatile channel. They have included many governmental updates and brought forward some national issues. The following are the features of this channel:

  • Updates information on available job vacancies. 
  • Guides you towards applying procedures of Lok Sewa Ayog. 
  • Provides information on requirements for attending the Lok Sewa examination. 
  • Constantly updates Nepal Police training and vacancy information.

This channel mostly focuses on guiding people to apply for Nepal Police, but it is not limited to that. You can find many other information regarding Lok Sewa Aayog. 

9. The Loksewa

The Loksewa channel is also one of the learning channels that primarily focus on providing guidance for Lok Sewa Aayog. Besides that, they have videos where they create content like vlogs, entertainment, and many more. Here’s why you must refer to this channel:

  • Has a separate playlist consisting of 129 videos related to Lok Sewa preparation guidelines. 
  • They have tips on preparing for Lok Sewa in the last hours. 
  • Videos on quiz and GK IQ questions.
  • Updates on current affairs of Nepal.

10. Loksewa Gyankunj

Loksewa Gyankunj is a new channel that launched in December 2021. So, it doesn’t have many subscribers. However, the videos are informative and will help you prepare for the Loksewa examination. The channel has the following features:

  • Categorized playlists including tips for loksewa examination.
  • Updates on vacancy announcements.
  • A separate playlist for questions is provided by Gorkhapatra.
  • Tutorial on how to fill out the application form.
  • Provides the latest syllabus for Lok Sewa Aayog.

Summing up, you can refer to all these YouTube channels to perfect your skills and knowledge to appear in the Lok Sewa examination. Moreover, these channels on the top 10 YouTube channels for loksewa preparation are the best of the best channels you can learn from. 

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