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IOE entrance preparation youtube channels

Best 5 YouTube channels for IOE entrance preparation?


IOE-Institute of Engineering is the best technical organization for engineering studies in Nepal. Every year IOE takes an entrance exam for selecting the best students. To enroll in the engineering programs every student must pass the entrance examination conducted by IOE. IOE entrance preparation must be good in order to get yourself in good ranking.

But entrance preparation is quite expensive in Nepal for many students who are aspiring for the IOE entrance examination after plus two

In case you afford to join an institution also there might be much confusion in various topics of several subjects. Nowadays, youtube has immerged as a solution for numerous problems of almost all the criteria. 

Similarly, for IOE preparation there are a bunch of youtube channels that are going to be really helpful throughout your journey.


1. Super Hundred Entrance Pedia Institute

Super hundred entrance Pedia institute is the best youtube channel in Nepal for IOE entrance preparation. It’s run by Brijkishor Prasad Jaiswal, an engineer who passed out from Pulchowk Campus.

Main features

  • Useful videos for other entrance examinations like for CSIT and other Universities like KU, PU, and PoU
  • Covers all the chapters of maths along with calculator methods and shortcut methods as well.
  • Contains videos regarding other subjects like chemistry and physics.
  • Really helpful for NEB students and to some extent medical students as well.
  • Provides timely updates for IOE notices like admission process, filling IOE entrance form, and so on.
  • Tricks are really amazing and work all the time.
  • Solutions of IOE past questions during exam time.

2.Kailash Dahal

Kailash Dahal youtube channel is run by Kailash Dahal as the name suggests. Generally, this channel is not comprehensive as that of the previous one. Yet it can be really helpful for IOE aspirants for practicing MCQs.

Main features:

  • Contains solutions for past questions along with tricks of IOE and CSIT.
  • Helpful Loksewa aspirants as it covers some of the past questions of the Loksewa exam.
  •  Covers tricks to solve MCQs of individual chapters of each subject like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as well.

3.Physics Wallah

Although Physicas Wallah an Indian channel believe me this can be the best channel to master physics concepts in an easy way. The owner of this channel is Alakh Pandey commonly known as Physics Wallah among the students.


Main Features

  • Taught by a group of experienced teachers.
  • Provides lecture notes for your self-revision.
  • Covers all the topics of each subject like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • High-quality video lectures covering important questions for the exams.


Nowadays, Unacademy is one of the famous channels among Indian students aspiring for IIT. It is run by a group of teachers.

It is one of the major players in the education industry in India.

Main Features

  • Each chapter is taught with the help of animation, graphs, pictures. This really helps to grasp concepts easily.
  • Provides lecture notes of all the subjects.
  • Courses for NEET, IIT, and UPSC. These can be helpful for IOE also.
  • Premium subscription is also available if you want to.


Being an Indian channel, run by a lot of experienced teachers Vedantu really can help IOE aspirants as well. This channel has main branches for different examinations and classes as well.

Main Features

  • High-quality content with graphs, animation, and pictures.
  • Helpful for clearing your doubts of ninth and tenth class as well.
  • Provides lecture notes of all the subjects.
  • Offers premium classes if you want to join.
  • It also provides courses for IIT and other Indian examinations.
  • Revision classes during examination time.

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