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Study computer science in Nepal

Study computer science in Nepal – Best IT degrees!

After plus two, every+2 students experience a complex as well as denial phase immediately after completion of high school. The decision to upcoming crucial academic timeframe brings a big question in front of them regarding faculty programs, universities, and many more. Studying computer science in Nepal is one of the best opportunities.

Furthermore, in the field of the information technology sector and computer science in Nepal, there are lots of options for students. Students are in a dilemma about which to choose.

So, it is very important to choose the right course as per your interest, finance, and approach. This article is all about breaking down the differences between all the computer and IT  courses like computer engineering, software engineering, Bsc CSIT, BCA, BIT, Bsc Computer(Hons).

Different IT programs and affiliated universities in Nepal

  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BE): Tribhuvan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU), Kathmandu University (KU), Pokhara University (PoU)
  • BSc CSIT: Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • BIT: Tribhuvan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU)
  • BCA: Tribhuvan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU)
  • BIM: Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • BCIS: Pokhara Universiry (PoU)
  • BSc (Hons) Computing 

1. Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BCT)

If you are thinking of studying computer science in Nepal and you want to get an engineering degree it can be the best major in computer science in Nepal.

Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BE) program was first introduced by Kathmandu University (KU) back in 1994. The program was later put on as an engineering course by Tribhuvan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU), and Pokhara University (PoU).

With its international approach and advanced course content, BE in Computer has become a successful faculty of engineering. So, every college running under the affiliation of all the above universities has BE program.

Course complexity: The course has detailed content about hardware, software, computing algorithms, data structure, operating system, research methodologies, theories, and mathematics which makes the study quite complex. But if you are seeking a perfect academic package regarding computing with software development, networking as well as scientific research, BE can be the best option.

Scope of computer engineering:  Different career options after completing BE can be data engineering, machine learning engineering, data scientist and analysis, blockchain development, software development, computer network architecture, database administration, full-stack developer, and many more.

Eligibility: In Nepal, Students who have completed 10+2 Science /Diploma in Engineering or Equivalent with a minimum 45% or “C” Grade in each subject of Grade 11 and 12 are eligible to appear in the entrance examination of Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) conducted by the respective university. And those who pass the entrance can get enrolled in the faculty as per the merit list.

Cost: 6-12 lakhs depending on university and college

Scholarship: Top rank holders on the merit list in their respective university can get seat as well as scholarship according to their rank.

Course duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT)

Nowadays B.Sc. CSIT is the most popular choice to study computer science in Nepal.

BSc CSIT is a program from Tribhuvan University (TU) that constitutes the program in both Computer Science as well as Information technology and delivers the ideal principles on how these can be implicated to solve different real-world problems. This exhibits the perfect blend of core Computer Science as well as IT which facilitates the learner to study both software development as well as networking. 

This is one of the most advanced and latest IT courses in Nepal with increasing demand for enrollment. About 53 colleges from all over Nepal under TU have offered this program with the highest success.

Course Complexity: BSc CSIT course content is very similar to engineering. In contrast, the CSIT course is extremely focused on problem-solving and computing rather than hardware and computing theories. So, the course complexity is lesser than BE with optimum mathematics and almost no hardware study.

Scope of Bsc CSIT: Even the scope of BSc CSIT is similar to BE. Every field of computing and networking has similar criteria and qualifications validated by both courses of study.

Eligibility: The candidate applying for the BSc CSIT program must have: Successfully completed 10+2 or equivalent in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Secured a minimum grade of C in each subject. Note: Regarding A-Level, students should have secured a minimum grade of D in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Must score at least pass marks in the entrance exam conducted by TU-IOST.

Cost: Around 3 lakhs in government colleges and 5-10 lakhs in private colleges

Scholarship: Top rank holders in the merit list of entrance exams by TU-IOST can get a seat as well as a scholarship according to their rank in government colleges.

Course duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

3. Software engineering

In Nepal, Software engineering is only offered by Pokhara University. Different colleges like Nepal College of Information and Technology(NCIT), College of Engineering(Pokhara University), Gandaki College of Sciencea and engineering offers this degree. 

Course Complexity: It is not difficult as computer engineering as many subjects just focus on software. 

Scope of Software Engineering: You can work as a software developer in many governments and non-government organizations. Furthermore, you can work as a Software Executives, Software Designer, Computer Programmer, System Designer, Project Manager, Information Systems Manager, Tester etc.

Eligibility:  Minimum score of “C” Grade in all subjects in 10+2 (Secondary Level) . OR Second division or above from institutions and boards recognized by Pokhara University.

Cost: Starting from 4 lakhs – 12 lakhs depending upon the college.

Scholarship: A scholarship is provided by Pokhara University based on your application and exam score in the entrance exams.

Course duration: 4 Years (8 semsters)

4. Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT)

BIT program was started by Purbanchal University (PU) in 2001 and later introduced by Tribhuvan University (TU) as well. It is one of the best IT programs which focus on both hardware and software aspects. BIT can be a good option to study computer science in Nepal.

 In addition to the foundation and core Information Technology courses, Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT) offers several elective courses to meet the undergraduate academic program requirement and to fulfill the demand for the development and implementation of new technology which includes courses in mathematics, statistics, management, economics, sociology, psychology, research methodology, and technical writing, and many more.

This program gives students a well-rounded knowledge of IT fundamentals, programming, Computer Networks, telecommunications, etc. So, evaluating its approach and popularity among students, many IT colleges affiliated with TU and PU have offered this program.

Course Complexity: BIT is quite less complex in comparison to BE and BSc CSIT. The course focus on student intake from any streams and schooling from any recognized board. So, science, as well as non-science students, can enroll in this course. The approach of this course makes it a particular and broader dimension to learning making it feasible for learner.

Scope:  The different fields of working for a BIT graduate are software development, information security, database administration, network and system administration, and in all the sectors that develop and/or use Information Technology.  

Eligibility: The different eligibility criteria for BIT are:  Should have successfully completed twelve years of schooling in any stream or equivalent from any university, board, or institution recognized by TU.

Should have secured a minimum of the second division in their +2 or equivalent OR should have at least a ‘C’ grade or CGPA 2.0 in all subjects in Class 11 and 12 by taking English and Mathematics of 100 marks.

Passed A level in any stream and secured at least a ‘D’ grade in English and Mathematics.

Passed 3 Years Diploma in Engineering program from CTEVT taking both English and Mathematics.

Cost: 2-6 lakhs as per university and college

Scholarship: Scholarship is provided as per entrance performance and semester results.

Course duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

5. Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

BCA is a software application-oriented program affiliated to Purbanchal and Pokhara university.  Tribhuvan University introduced this program later in 2019. This program runs under Humanities and Social Sciences.

BCA is the best choice to study computer science in Nepal considering its complexity and the total fees you have to pay for four years.

The objective of the BCA program at Tribhuvan University is to produce high-quality computer application users and developers. With this objective, many IT colleges affiliated with PU, PoU and TU have offered this course. In TU only, 120 colleges are running the BCA program.

Course Complexity: The course is the least complex in order to constitute students from the humanities and social science stream in the field of computer application and IT.

Scope: The different fields of placements for BCA graduates are system analysts, system managers, project managers, database administrators, system designers, and programmers in IT Companies.

Eligibility:  The eligibility criteria for enrollment in BCA are:  Minimum D+ grade in each subject of grades 11 and 12 with a CGPA of 2.0 or more,


A minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL or equivalent in any discipline


Those students who have passed grade 11 but waiting for the result of supplementary exam of grade 12 can also apply. 

Cost: The course is much cheaper than all other IT courses. It ranges from 2-4 lakhs depending on university and college.

Scholarship: Eligible students can apply for a scholarship

Course duration: 4 years (8 semesters)


6. Bachelor in Information Management (BIM)

BIM program is the blend of management and information technology started by Tribhuvan University (TU). The program is very dynamic as both science and management student can enroll in the course. 

This course invests in skill development in IT and professional expertise for students. This course emphasizes the study of information and communication systems in business and administration and is becoming increasingly relevant to other fields as well. 

It comprises business administration, economics and computer science.

In Nepal, more than 26 business or IT colleges offer a Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program with affiliation from Tribhuvan University.

Course Complexity: Information Management includes the development and application of theories, ideas, models, methods, and tools in order to analyze, configure, and use information systems. With this broader perspective of learning and integrating different aspects of managerial skills with computing techniques to solve real-world problems, the study is interesting as well as adequately complex.

Scope: The different fields of working as a BIM graduate are: programming, networking, marketing, computer application, and many more.

Eligibility: The candidates applying for BIM programs must have:

Students who have passed 10+2 or equivalent examinations from the recognized academic institutes with second division (securing 45% and above) or 1.8 CGPA are eligible to enroll in this program.


Successfully completed a twelve years of schooling or equivalent from any University, Board or Institution recognized by Tribhuvan University securing a minimum of the second division in the twelve-year schooling or equivalent.

Cost: 4 to 6 lakhs depending on the college

Scholarship: According to semester exam result

Course duration: 4 years (8 semester)

7. Bachelor in Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

Bachelor in Computer Information Systems (BCIS) is a program under the faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University. The program is dynamically designed to impart both theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in computer information systems and IT.

 The course is combining two of the most powerful disciplines-management and information technology at the same time.

BCIS is mainly designed for students who want to have a grasp of managerial skills along with IT skills

The program is offered by different management colleges under PU like Nobel College, Apex College, Crimson College, and Pokhara College of Management.

Course Complexity: The course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts and tools of management required in decision-making. So, the course is designed with the aim to inculcate in the students the skills required to meet the needs of the industry for specialist MIS professionals. It is not so difficult.

Scope:  Students after completion of the BCIS program are expected to work as programmers, system analysts, information analysts, database managers, network administrators, trainers, instructors, and salespersons in the field of software and hardware. Students can also go on to higher studies in management, information technology, and computer application after studying BCIS.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for this course, the applicant should have passed +2 level or equivalent in Science They must have acquired  50% score in their intermediate.

Cost: 5-7.5 lakhs depending on the college

Scholarship: Pokhara University offers Scholarships to study Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS) Program. The scholarships Quota is as follows:

Nobel College: 2(Two)

Apex College: 5 (Five)

Crimson College of Technology:2 (Two)

Duration: 4 years.

8. BSc (Hons) Computing

BSc (Hons) Computing is a UK-based degree from different UK Universities. This course is equivalent to BSc CSIT and BIT in Nepal. 

Different colleges like Islington College, British College, Softwarica College of IT, and E-commerce are providing international IT degrees in BSc (Hons) Computing in Nepal.

Course Complexity: The complexity of this course extends to a wide breadth of understanding that enables them to be enterprising in devising and sustaining arguments and solving problems using innovative ideas and implementing learned techniques in a multicultural and globalizing world.

Scope: Ater studying this course you can work as computer programmer, data base developer, website development. Also you can work in system modeling,networking and computer security as well.

Cost: 10-16 lakhs as per university and college

Course duration: 3 years.

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