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Must read books for students and people

“Books are uniquely portable magic”, says Stephen King. This could extremely validate how a bookworm ever feels about a book. Books for students and people are for sure, a magic portal to an infinite world of knowledge, fantasy, exploration, and imagination.

Without books, the world would have been drastically different than we can’t even estimate. A book can be an Introvert’s best friend add an extrovert’s excuse for isolation. It can be a student’s handy tool, or teacher’s guidebook, an explorer’s map, and a saint’s pathway for salvation.

Everyone had personal priorities and an interest in selecting different books. Here are my top seven books that every student/person should read in their lives.

1. The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist is a portrayal of how creation can have such powerful content with extraordinary simplicity, awakening wisdom, and perfectionism.

It is a story about an Andalusian shepherd boy Santiago who intends to travel the European desert from his homeland in Spain in search of a treasure reported to be buried anywhere near the pyramids.

Along the journey, Santiago meets a romaine woman, or a man calling himself a king and an alchemist who direct him to approach his destination.

With only hope in the heart and a dream for life, the journey continues to find the worldly sensation of peace and goodness to be the discovery of treasure within. The story resembles through humane that could transform our dream into reality by listening to our inner voice.


2. Dreams from my father: A story of race and inheritance

Dreams from my father is an international bestseller biography of the ex-president of America Barrack Obama by himself. The book is all about self-discovery of belonging to two different racial worlds and yet belonging to neither. The creation is beautifully crafted and plots move smoothly and incidents are captured candidly.

In the curse of working on discovering the meaning of life as a black American; being the son of a black African father and white American mother, the way story goes as a lyrical, unsentimental, and compelling memoir.

 It begins in New York from the death plot of Barack’s father in a car accident, who is more sort of a wonder and a story to explore for the writer himself. This incident brought a lot of change, the journey to a small town in Kansas from which the exploration to mother’s family in Hawaii and then to Kenya where he reunites to father side of the family and gets to know all about his father’s life and finally digs up to adjourn his own inheritance.


3. Karnali Blues

‘Karnali Blues’ by Budhisagar is a noble of expression, empathy, and heart-wrenching interpretation of the relationship between a father and his son. This is a story of a lower-middle-class father and his struggle through his son’s perspective. The graphical approach to the far western lifestyle and its presentation in character and plot is the strong point of this creation.

The book is divided into parts resembling a day per part with a total of 11 of them. Starting from the narration of the birth of the son (writer), the story revolves around the present and more flashbacks. The narrator (writer) capsules the experience of spending 11 days taking care of his sick father with drifting emotions of the past. The novel is a bestseller in the history of Nepali literature.

It is among the best books for students for those who want to understand a typical Nepalese society, fatherhood, struggle of people in rural part of Nepal and relationships.


4. The monk who sold his Ferrari: A fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny

‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin S. Sharma is philosophical literature and a tale that reflects the wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose, and peace. It is an approach to living where we carefully generate a pedestal to courage, balance, and joy.

The monk who sold his Ferrari is for those who are seeking for ulitmate peace and satisfaction in their life , fed of living a redundant, tiring life which simply puts it on the list of best books for students.

This is a story about Julian Mantle who is a lawyer with unbalanced life far from spirituality and bliss of compassion. With a stigma to change, he tends to discover wise and powerful lessons of life.

The story encourages every reader with a self-awakening factor leading to joyful thought, grooming for life mission and calling, the importance of self-discipline, values of time, and nourishment of true relationships. This book can be a thought-provoking piece of linguistic art.


5. To Kill a Mockingbird

‘To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee was first published in 1960. At that instant, it became both a bestseller and critically claimed art with Pulitzer Prize in 1961 as well as academic award-winning film in its cinematic portrayal.

The novel rejuvenates deep-rooted human behavior of innocence and experience, love and hatred, kindness and cruelty, humor and pathos; all inclined up with reference to one another period the book has already been translated to 40 languages and printed over 18 million copies. Now the story has been an unforgettable and compassionate symbol of art in the whole world.


6. Jeevan Kada ki Phool

‘Jeevan Kada ki Phool’ is a Madan puraskar winner by Jhamak Ghimire. The book is an autobiography of the writer herself. The book presumes the artifact of life from the perspective of a ‘differently abled person’ and contrary on whether to count the life as a blessing like flowers or a curse like thorns.

This book is among the best books for students who take small-small things as big problems in their student lives. Students who are stressful, anxious all time by just small problems in their lives.

The book is all about the writer suffering from cerebral palsy, not being able to use most of the body parts, and eventually hated by the society of so-called ‘able’ or ‘perfect’ humans and even blessed with early death by elders of her family. 

This book includes her pain, dilemma, questions, struggle, accomplishment, transformation, success, and overall lesson to life. The book reflects a portrayal of positivity, hope, and change. It is also translated in English by the name of ‘A flower in the midst of thorns. It is a gem of Nepali literature on the global platform.


7. Meditation: The first and last freedom

‘Meditation’ is a spiritual guidebook written by Osho; a famous guru who bestowed his followers with insight upon the immense power of freedom and love as wings to live a free and loving life with warmth and devotion.

In this book, Osho has state meditation as a spiritual discipline in everyday life in the real world and the art of being aware of any state of work or isolation. This book describes step-by-step guides to meditation techniques, including Osho Active meditation, Dynamic meditation, and Kundalini meditation. 

It helps everyone acquiring stability and energized physical and mental state for a good sense of alertness and refreshment. This book overall explains the joy of meditation and why every human should practice it.


In his article we’ve tried to include the best books for students and all the people that will enhance your perspective on different aspects of life like struggles in life, satisfaction, empathy, sprituality, meditation, living in different socities and so on. You may read these books giving some quality time rather just listening to audio versions for best output.


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