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Best calendar apps

Best calendar apps for students – Ultimate list of top 13!

When was the last time you forgot to work or missed a meeting you were planning to attend? You’re not alone. Relying solely on memory, notebooks and planners is not enough to keep us organized in our increasingly busy lives. That’s where calendar apps come in.  There are some of the best calendar apps available online.

Online calendar apps are essentially your digital companions to help you reach your personal or professional goals. Keep track of your schedule, avoid conflicts, and get reminders to complete your tasks and appointments on time.

There are many calendar apps like Google calendar, Timepage, Zoho Calendar, Vantage, Digical, Hamro patro, Cloudcal, and more out there helping students and professionals to manage theri schedule boosting their productivity.

 An estimated 70% of adults use online calendar apps to manage their daily schedules. Millions of people have switched to online calendar apps to be more productive

 If you’re looking for the best calendar apps, check out the list below to see the best apps for staying organized.

1. Google Calendar: A powerful calendar for all your planning needs 


Packed with simple yet effective features, Google Calendar simplifies your daily work and allows you to create meetings with others. All you need is a Google account and your Google Calendar is set up and ready to go. 

Being a free app it provides all most all the necessary features thus it is simply among one of the best calendar apps.


  • You can use Google Calendar to create events, tasks, reminders, or goals. All of this helps you organize your busy schedule. The interface is simple but packed with sophisticated themes, colors, and transitions.  
  • You can create events, specify details, repeat, and add attendees. 
  • You can also share your calendar with others so they can see your schedule and request meetings at mutually convenient times. 
  • You can host meetings in person or meet guests virtually via Google Meet. If your event is canceled, your guests will automatically receive an email informing them of the change. 
  • It’s easy to create multiple calendars, sync with other calendars (Outlook calendar, Apple calendar, etc.), and manage your team’s calendars. 
  • You can also create events and tasks in any time zone, or create separate start and end time zones for events. 

 Available Platforms: Android 

 Cost: free

App Store Rating: 4.3/5 (Android), 4.6/5 (iOS) 

Best Used For: Task Management |Organization |Sessions |Habit Formation |Team Management 

Ideal for: home, work, business 

2. Digical: Organizing made easy! 

Digical is a milestone app among many shareable calendar options for Android users. The app offers a great calendar experience with an eye-catching design and 7 different calendar views making it one of the best calendar apps. 

Enjoy 6 widget views and 9 preset widget themes on your home screen and never miss a schedule appointment again. 


  • Navigation within the app is smooth and there are multiple colors and themes to choose from. Sync with multiple calendars such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and Outlook Calendar. The app is multilingual, with 27 languages ​​to choose from.
  • Finally, Digical has its own built-in location finder that automatically fills in your event’s address as soon as you start typing. 
  • After integrating with Google, Digical now can monitor traffic and let you know when you need to leave in order to arrive on time.
  • It also has a heatmap feature that allows you to recognize your schedule on the calendar and integrate it with the weather forecast. 

 Available Platforms: Android 

 Cost: Free, $2.40 for Pro plan 

 Google Play Rating: 4.4/5 

 Best Used For: Task Management | Organizational Duties | Work sessions | Habits 

 Best for: personal use and work 

3. Zoho Bookings: Scheduling App to Book Meetings Easily 


Zoho Bookings is a powerful online scheduling tool for scheduling meetings and syncing details to your online calendar. The planning process couldn’t be easier with an online calendar app. 

To set the time, you will need to check with your guests to see when everyone will be available. This process can be back-and-forth and time-consuming. 

This is where an appointment scheduling app like Zoho Bookings can help you avoid this hassle and schedule more meetings with your clients making it one of the best calendar apps. 


  • Separate booking page for guests 
  • List of available time slots 
  • Manage teams and automatically assign customer appointments 
  • Email notifications and reminders to avoid no-shows 
  • Infinite integration 

 Additional Zoho Bookings Features: 

  • Individual calls and group bookings 
  • Two-way calendar sync for scheduled meetings 
  • Automatic time zone conversion 
  • API integration with other apps 
  • Links to shareable and embeddable booking pages 
  • Online video conferencing with Zoho Meetings or Zoom 


 Available Platforms: Web, Android, iOS 

 Cost: Free plan available, Basic plan $6, Premium plan $9   

 Rating App Store/Google Play: 3.5/5 (Android), 2.8/5 (iOS) 

 Best Used For: Task Scheduling |Organization | Work Fractions | Memorandums |Task Integration | Team Up 

 Audience: Service Providers, Consultants, Enterprises

4. Timepage: A modern calendar app for stylized scheduling 

 Timepage’s main attraction is its modern approach to calendar design and the excellent user experience that comes with it.

 It plays the perfect sound when navigating and makes me want to play around with the app. Timepage syncs with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.  

Every screen that pops up in the app has such great graphics that it makes you wonder if you’re even using a calendar app.

 Beyond creating tasks and managing your schedule, Timepage integrates with weather, maps, contacts, and many other apps to help you be more productive. 


  • You can create new events and add guests using their email addresses. 
  • A heat map feature shows the frequency of events across all calendars. The darker the color of a particular date, the more events you have planned for that day. 
  • Smart notifications are another unique feature of Timepage.
  •  Provides smart reminders of upcoming events, rain warnings when it’s time to leave for a meeting in another location, follow-up prompts for guests after the meeting, and daily scheduling and daily briefings. 
  • With multiple color options, Siri Shortcuts, seamless syncing across multiple Apple devices, a variety of widgets to choose from, and the option to connect to a variety of calendars, Timepage should be on your list when considering purchasing an online calendar app. It should be on top. 

Available Platforms: iOS  

Cost: Free, upgrade $4.99  

 App Store Rating: 4.6/5 

 Best Used For: Task Scheduling |Organization | Work Fractions | Memorandums |Task Integration 

 Best for: personal use and work

5. Zoho Calendar: Online Shared Calendar App to Help Your Business Grow 

Zoho Calendar is part of Zoho’s vibrant ecosystem and helps users manage their daily schedules and meetings within their organization. The calendar app is completely free for all users and offers high-quality features.  


  • Zoho Calendar has a smooth and easy-to-navigate interface. It’s convenient to generate events, customize them, customize settings, and add dates. 
  • The app lets you choose from different time zones and add events to your calendar. 
  • You can also create group calendars and add different team members and family members to the calendar to accommodate different schedules. 
  • Zoho Calendar allows you to list all meetings or conference rooms in your organization. When setting up a meeting with guests or team members, you can select an available room and lock it for the duration of the meeting. 

  Available Platforms: Web, Android, iOS 

 Cost: Free 

Rating App Store/Google Play: 4.1/5 (Android), 3.7/5 (iOS) 

Best Used For: Task Scheduling |Organization | Work Fractions | Memorandums |Task Integration | Note Keeping 

Ideal for: home, work, business

6. Vantage: Scheduling becomes fun 

After Timepage, the next unique feature found in calendar apps is the Vantage calendar “scroll view”. All appointments for a particular date are stacked and you can access your schedule by scrolling through the dates and clicking on the date you want to view. 


  • Create events, lists, and tasks from your Vantage account. You can also add attendees to your event using their email addresses.
  • After creating an event, you can set countdowns and automatic reminders. The app also syncs with your signed-in account from your iOS settings and shows all your connected calendars. 
  • Vantage offers creative ways to enhance your planning experience by adding events and to-do lists.
  • You can also customize the app with different color themes and connect it to other calendars. 

 Available Platforms: iOS 

 Cost: free 

 App Store Rating: 4.4/5  

 Best Used For: Task Management |Organization| Sessions |Tasks 

 Best for: personal use and work 

 7. Outlook Calendar: A Versatile Calendar App That Keeps You Organized and More Productive 

Outlook Calendar keeps things simple when it comes to scheduling your daily appointments. You can create multiple calendars and sync them with other calendars. Manage team calendars and overlay them for a clear view of upcoming schedules. 


  • You can also use your Outlook calendar to create events and add other guests by email address. 
  • You can customize your time zones by creating an event start time in one time zone and an end time in another time zone. 
  • You can also create tasks, tasks, and notes. With an Outlook Premium subscription, you can create 1:1 appointments or meetings and customize the settings for each. 
  • You can also share your calendar with others via email or embed it on your website. 
  • One of the benefits of using the Microsoft suite is the ease with which you can move between your calendar and email.
  • You can also suggest meeting times to your guests based on your Outlook calendar via email. 

 Available Platforms: Web, Android, iOS 

 Cost: Free  

 Rating App Store/Google Play: 4.6/5 (Android), 4.8/5 (iOS) 

 Best Used For: Task Scheduling |Organization | Work Fractions | Memorandums |Task Integration | Reviews

 Ideal for: home, work, business 

 8. Butleroy: A real-time AI planning assistant 

“Roy” is an AI assistant that helps you organize and track your daily schedule.


  • This app allows you to create to-do lists and sync with other online calendars.
  • Butleroy offers a beautiful user interface that is easy to use.  
  • The best thing about this app is that Roy analyzes your schedule and preferred times for bookings, checks the weather for offline events, then finds the best time to help you find your meeting/event time.

 Available Platforms: Web, iOS 

 Cost: Free, $11.65 for iPhone, $29.15 for Mac 

 App Store Rating: 4.4/5 

 Best used for: Task Management |Organization |Sessions |Tasks |Memories |Habit Formation 

 Best for: personal use and work

9. Apple Calendar: easy-to-use calendar app 

Apple’s built-in Calendar app for all Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) makes it among the one of the best calendar apps for apple user.

 Information is stored in iCloud, so you can access the Calendar app from any device on the go, giving you a lot more flexibility.  


  • You can create events and add other people from your contacts or email addresses.
  • Adding video conferencing options such as FaceTime is not available on Mac, but can be done on iPhone or iPad.
  • After inviting, you can also view the invitees’ responses to the meeting. Apple gives users a simple and intuitive online calendar experience on all their devices.
  • Apart from connecting your iCloud account, Apple Calendar can be connected to other calendars such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, AOL, and Microsoft Exchange. 

 Available Platforms: iOS 

 Cost: free 

 App Store Rating: 4.6/5 (Android), 2.9/5 (iOS)  

 Best used for: Task Scheduling |Organization | Work Fractions | Memorandums |Task Integration 

 Best for personal use and work

10. Hamro Patro:

Hamro Patro is an excellent app developed in the Nepalese tech industry. After being released in 2010 it has been providing excellent services to the people. It is available in six languages: Nepali, English, Newari, Maithali, Doteli, and Bhojpuri. 

Seeing at its versatility covering lots of different features like from horoscope to investing it is simply among the best calendar apps.


  • Complete calendar app providing features like reminders for your memorable moments like birthdays.
  • You can schedule your meeting and make notes regarding your important events.
  • Giving detailed information about all the events of every day of every month. 
  • Features like horoscope, Kundali, and Hamro Jyotish.
  • You can listen to the radio, and popular podcasts, watch videos, chat with other people, and play games.
  • Handy for investors as it provides info regarding forex, share market, and exchange rates.
  • Provides features likes health services, e-cards, and recorded audio.
  • Daily news updates along with e-learning.

Available Platforms: Android, IOS

Cost: Free for general usage but charges for special services like health.

Best for: Normal people, Students, Investors, and Professionals.

11. Cloudcal: Bringing life to everyday life 

This smart app works efficiently for users with its elegant circle properties. Display your daily schedule on a customized watch face in multiple colors. This allows you to see your plan at a glance.  

Cloudcal also comes with multiple calendar views and widgets that can be personalized with color options.

 Add events and tasks to plan your day and never lose track of your schedule with the agenda view. You can create events based on location with the option of selecting from multiple time zones.


  • While creating an event, you can also set reminders and add participants to the event from email or contacts.
  • Cloudcal believes in managing your time doesn’t have to be boring, so the option to upload your wallpaper or choose from our library is added.
  • It can be synced with other online calendars and all your data is safe in your Google calendar.
  • Saved so you don’t lose your schedule. 
  • Cloudcal has AI built in to automatically read what you say or type in your event and automatically fill in the details. 
  • Get the latest traffic updates and reminders on the go with Google Now and Maps integration. 

 Available Platforms: Android 

 Cost: Free, $2.67 for Pro 

 Google Play Rating: 3.4/5 

 Best Used For: Task Scheduling |Organization | Work Fractions | Memorandums |Task Integration 

 Best for: personal use and work

12. Calendar: Integrated calendar and planning app 

Calendar offers users two solutions. An online calendar app and appointment scheduling solution. The Calendar app syncs with other calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, and integrates with Zoom and Zapier to maximize productivity


  • The app’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. Create events and schedule meetings with guests. Seamlessly navigate from your calendar app to your schedule page.
  • The Calendar app contains all the basic elements of a calendar, but the schedule page allows users to create different time slots for different meetings. 
  • You can also create separate workspaces for team members or other businesses you run. The analytics tab is the other distinct feature of the app. 
  • Provides an overview of meetings attended, time spent, and the number of events attended/absent/declined.
  • It also presents the data in a graph view to help you easily visualize how you are spending your time and change your schedule if needed. 

 Available Platforms: Web, Android, iOS 

 Cost: Free plan available, Standard plan $6, Pro plan $8  

 Rating App Store/Google Play: 3.6/5 (Android), 4.4/5 (iOS) 

 Best Used For: Task Management |Organization |Appointments |Team Management |Splits 

 Ideal for: home, work, business

13. Teamup Calendar: Organize your schedule together and get things done as a team 


Teamup is primarily intended for teams or organizations that need to organize multiple calendars and schedules. Users can plan tasks, events, and projects, making team management much easier.

 Teamup provides users with a simple interface to experiment with the various features it has to offer.  

 Teamup has a feature to create multiple calendars as well as sync them with one another. It also offers 11 calendar views (planner, daily, multiday, week, multiweek, month, year, agenda, list, timeline, and table) to keep your schedule up to date with your favorite view.  

Features that help with team management: 

  • Team Calendar: For individual team members.
  • Staff calendar views: Shows the team members` schedules in a more different side-by-side list instead of a calendar view.  
  • Room reservation: Calendar schedules allocated for rooms either conference halls, hotel rooms, etc.
  • Trainer availability and booking calendar: Shows staff members associated with a particular job.
  • 9 access permissions: Set different access permissions for team members assigned to a sub-calendar or event.
  • You can create a new event with the app. Also, add a signup option for people who are participating in the event.
  • Invitations can be sent through email, embed your calendar onto the website, and share the event distinctly as a webpage. 
  • Automatic time zone conversion helps access of online calendar or event for the guest from the respective time zones. 
  • Teamup Calendar associates with other apps through an API that enables you to view, create, update, and delete calendar events from a single screen.  

Available Platforms: Web, Android, iOS 

Cost: Free, Plus plan $8, Premium plan $20, Enterprise plan $80  

App Store Rating: 4.1/5 (Android), 3.7/5 (iOS)  

Best Used For: Task Management |Organization |Sessions |Shift Planning |Memories 

Best for: work and business


Online calendar apps fulfill the same requirements, but most differ in functionality, design, and use cases.

 Whether you use a personal or business calendar app, it simplifies your daily tasks and helps you plan your schedule efficiently, thus increasing your productivity. 

Based on your needs, explore different calendar apps and then choose the right one.

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