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BSc CSIT entrance exam

How to top B.Sc. CSIT entrance exam? – Best ways!

Competitive exams are the most important aspects of student life. We’ve already covered up all the pro hacks to crack all sorts of competitive exams in the previous article. In this article, we’ve covered everything about the B.Sc. CSIT entrance exam for IT aspirants.

The entrance exam is an academic medium to generate the merit configuration with scores and ranking for enrollment seats and scholarship procedures in any faculty.

 For BSc CSIT, the entrance exam is conducted by the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) under Tribhuvan University (TU). The exam is much compulsory to participate in B.Sc. CSIT programs at constituent government campuses as well as private colleges affiliated with TU. 

You can get admission to top colleges in B.Sc. CSIT with full scholarships if you get really good marks.

Syllabus of B.Sc. CSIT entrance exam:

The syllabus of the B.Sc.CSIT entrance exam includes objective questions from 4 subjects i.e.,

1. Chemistry, Physics, and English from both grades 11 and 12 with 25 marks allocation for each subject.

2. Mathematics from grade 11 (so even a bio major in grade 11 can apply) within 25 marks.

Exam format of B.Sc. CSIT exam:

1. Candidates applying for this program must have appeared for the entrance exam on the due date.

2. The total full mark for this exam is 100 and the pass mark is 35. 

3. The exam will be for two hours. 

4. The questions will be in the format of objective type (MCQs). 

Eligibility Criteria to appear in the B.Sc. CSIT entrance exam:

1. The candidate must have completed a twelve-year of schooling in science background from any Board recognized by Tribhuvan University.

2. The candidates should have successfully completed 10 + 2 or equivalent with physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

3. Must secure a minimum grade of C in each subject; For A level minimum grade of D should be secured.

4. CTEVT students must have passed a three-year diploma in the Engineering program taking Physics and Mathematics subjects mandatorily.

5. Bio and Mathematics groups in the Plus 2 level can also apply.

Best B.Sc. CSIT entrance preparation books

1. Saral Sikshya B.Sc. CSIT  Entrance Preparation Book

2. Binary CSIT Entrance Preparation Book

3. Patan CS Community CSIT Entrance Preparation Book

4. Code for Change CSIT Entrance Preparation Book

The success of admission is entirely dependent upon the entrance exam score which is on merit. All the processes of college selection, seat allocation as well as scholarships are depended upon this exam. So, all the students are enthusiastic about how to score best on this entrance exam. 

Here are some tips to crack the B.Sc. CSIT exam with the best score:

  • A stable, calm, and composed mindset can be the first step to cracking any entrance exam. BSc CSIT entrance is also a competitive exam where inner interest and mindset play a vital role. Invest your own assurance to study the course and work on it.
  • Panics and frustration are something you need to keep off your mind.
  • To tackle these issues you can practice several yoga practices. Have a healthy diet and do some exercise well
  • You can enroll in different institutions for continuous practice, revision, and mock tests with good mentors. Different institutes like PEA, SEA at Thapathali PI Academy at Maitighar, Saral Siksha, and many more institutes provide BSc CSIT entrance preparation classes.
  • BSCCSIT.COM, CSIT Association of Nepal conducts some short crash courses for preparation and also conducts the regular mock test. This may be more helpful, keep in touch with them. Some private colleges also conduct mock tests. Grab the opportunity from everywhere possible.
  • First, please analyze all the past questions very well. It is the most important step and you must get it right along and master the art of analyzing questions very well.
  • If you are preparing for Medical and engineering, don’t waste time on separate classes for CSIT. Give some mock tests and be prepared.
  • The topmost priority of the students to study CSIT is ASCOL (Amrit Science College) and Patan Multiple College. To study there, applicants should score above 70% in B.Sc.CSIT Entrance Examination conducted by IOST. So, make sure you keep this score as your optimum target.
  • The questions in the IOST exam are related to the +2 curriculum, so one should have a good understanding and clear concepts of those courses. Study with core analysis and understanding.
  • Take mock-up tests from time to time whether be it yourself or going to a preparation center. After that evaluate yourself on daily basis. Mock-up tests are the most important parameters to find out your mistakes and trace your mistakes.
  • Different B.Sc. CSIT entrance preparation books are available under different publications. These contain different MCQs with an explanation as well as entrance questions from the past year. This might be very fruitful for you.
  • Different web portals, as well as applications, are available on the internet for effective practice and learning. Make good use of them.
  • Enjoy the company of friends with common interests in Computer science, IT, programming, or networking. This will encourage you with the great idea of the efficient study.
  • Never appreciate the course as the last option. This won’t bring happiness to you even if you topped the entrance. Instead, cherish the process from study to enrollment which will give you glorious graduation and prosperous life.
  • During the examination, make sure your calculating device is operating well and you have efficient time management skills so that you can give your best for all the questions and score great marks.

These are just some hacks that will help you in scoring top marks in BSc CSIT entrance. Except for these, core learning, analytical study, and endless practice are the main tools that will help you know better and deliver the best. Just Crack It, all the best..!!

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