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Best podcasts for students.

16 Best podcasts for students to develop top notch skills!!

There are many best podcasts for students to learn about business, motivation, productivity, and many more.

Podcasts are hidden gems of media. Due to its lack of dominance among the masses, most people tend to overlook it.  

Podcasts are an ideal learning medium for those who want extra time to stay up to date without interfering with their daily lives.

 A podcast is a digital radio program delivered over the Internet. Free and easy to download, they are comfortable. And above all, they have a wealth of knowledge. They cover almost every topic imaginable. 

Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with the world around you without hassle. Students should seek to benefit from this form of media to expand both their practical and theoretical knowledge.

In this article, we have covered the comprehensive list of best podcasts for students.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t need to answer because it wasn’t important in your day-to-day life, but you wanted to know more?

1. Stuff You Should Know

 Josh and Chuck talk about many things you probably don’t know because you never use the information, but the information is interesting and would be a great conversation starter.

 You might be interested in how sago is made, how credit cards work, how much attention goldfish actually take, and more. This is one of the podcasts you listen to when you’re not looking for specific learning but still want to learn. 


  • Each episode of the podcast reveals small jumps on important topics that will help you succeed in your college career. 
  • Most of the topics covered in “Things to Know” are not restricted to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Even working-class individuals can hear self-explanatory episodes that explain how to get used to technological tools and resources in today’s world.

2. The College Info Geeks 

Accessing practical, unwritten college tips can be difficult these days. But with the help of visionary education podcasts like this one, college students can now easily navigate the world of higher education. 


  • They encourage discussion on topics that contribute to development. 
  • The Info Geek is one of those podcasts that perfectly combines fun and valuable information, practical tips, and insights for a productive college journey. 
  • Listeners generally love how presenters cover the seemingly clichéd areas of college with fun, lighthearted narration. 
  • Their discussions sometimes address personal development to help the average student prepare for life outside the walls of the university. 

3. Ted Talks Daily 

If you need to sift through hundreds of educational podcasts for more diverse content, Ted Talks Daily is what you need. 

It covers all the topics regarding politics, business, entrepreneurship for students, motivation, innovation, productivity, self-development, and so on.

The show illuminates the many facets of being a university scientist with discussions on politics, science, related innovations, discoveries, and inspirational speeches by experts.

 It’s a one-stop podcast platform for verified real-world problems and long-term solutions. 


  • The audio format is of excellent quality, as is the video Ted Talks content that experts around the world enthusiastically promote.
  • Ted Talks offers more than inspirational speeches by experts. Handle one issue at a time from a trusted source. 
  • This educational podcast provides college students with unlimited short audio hits from a high-quality repertoire of lectures given by experts. 
  • Ted Talks provide college students with an analytical perspective on topics not explicitly discussed in the classroom. 
  • College professors do their best to provide as much insight into issues as possible, but they are sometimes limited to the curriculum of their classes. 
  • Podcast sessions on Ted Talks leave valuable notes and countless references for further research.

4. Life Kit 

Life Kit also presents students with information analysis about current events around us. Allison Aubrey advises students on how to make a complete turnaround from their previous grades by using the right information. 

She also shares the qualities of a good student necessary to excel in both academics and extracurricular activities. 


  • The episode “How to Concentrate While Reading” is one of her most-heard episodes on the platform. 
  • College students from various schools around the world listen to Alison share her tips on how to avoid distractions while studying. 
  • Life Kit is known for its expert perspective on the topics covered in each episode. For this reason, listeners strongly support Allison’s approach and views on educational issues.

5. Brain Science 

Understanding how the brain processes information can be very helpful when studying at university. Some students struggle for years to focus in class and distract themselves while studying. 

Once they know and accept that the human brain works differently, it will take time for them to understand themselves. 


  • Neuroscience presenter Dr. Ginger Campbell discusses and educates audiences about the cognitive capacity of the brain in learning. 
  • Dr. Ginger also shares fun facts about the human brain and that we are the only species fascinated by self-development. 
  • The presenter makes the episode as engaging and entertaining as possible without straying entirely from the topic of discussion. 
  • Brain Science features episodes with respected neuroscientists from around the world discussing assimilation and understanding short- and long-term memory.

6. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders 

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Platform is one of the best podcasts for students aimed at fostering entrepreneurship in college students. 


  • As a college student looking for motivation to make money on campus, this is a great learning resource to get started. 
  • This educational podcast records and shares a series of insightful sessions with self-made entrepreneurs. 
  • Guests put an insight into the journey on how they advanced their living for themselves.

7. The College Investor 

It’s not uncommon to find students looking for ways to make money. A college education can be very expensive, and many students have outstanding loans before even getting their first job. 

In some countries, the Biden administration may take temporary relief measures, such as temporarily suspending student loan repayments, but that will not solve the debt, but rather shift the burden. 


  • The College Investor founder Robert Farrington walks students through dozens of ways to pay off student loans without breaking a sweat.
  • By taking advantage of various government policies related to taxes, investments, and education funding, students can start accumulating considerable wealth soon after graduating from college. 
  • He teaches you how to find the right investments, the importance of cutting back on your spending as a student, and how a commitment to entrepreneurship can set you on the right path to building wealth. 
  • The College Investor is a timely resource for the extraordinary students who need to cover their finances on track. 
  • Aired every other day, this podcast covers a number of very useful financial topics. 

8. The 5 AM Miracle 

College life can be extremely stressful, and as a student, you’re pulled in many different directions and have a long to-do list each day. 

The truth is that if you don’t manage your time well and make the most of your mornings and free time, it can make your social life difficult and, at worst, affect your academic performance. This is why the 5 am Miracle Podcast is important for students with extremely tight schedules. Hosted by Jeff Sanders, the podcast airs weekly.


  • A popular slogan of the show is ‘Mastering the day before breakfast’. 
  • He teaches how to use effective principles to raise productivity to high levels. 
  • The podcast reveals tips and actions he can do before bed so he can get on with his day in no time.
  • Jeff talks about goal setting, boundaries, and the rewards of consistent perseverance. 
  • He often invites other speakers to share what they’ve learned along the way in improving personal productivity.

9. Stuff to blow your mind 

Robert, Joe, and Christian explain things by covering a variety of topics that are just fun because the information you get on the podcast isn’t available anywhere else.


  • Some of their research is dubious and some claims are unsupported, but their podcast is very interesting.
  • They are extremely confident in what they are talking about. 
  • Open your mind and try a few things to see if it works as your host describes it. 

10. History of World in 100 objects 

The title is self-explanatory, but there are some things about this podcast that are worth knowing. This is the best podcast for history lovers.


  • The podcast aims in telling stories about the world around us by looking at important objects. 
  • It’s like a virtual museum tour, which is interesting. 
  • It tells the story of important historical relics and objects such as the mummy of Hornedjitef, the Sphinx of Taharqa, and the Pillars of Ashoka. 

11. StarTalk Radio 

Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the universe in a concise and engaging way. On his StarTalk radio, Dr. Tyson enlightened listeners about all thing’s universe.


  • All of his podcasts are highly engaging, and the knowledge he imparts to his audience ranges from elementary to college level.
  • In addition to his amazing insight, he regularly interviews many celebrities for his podcasts, which makes it all the more appealing.

12. Ted Radio Hour

The TED Radio Hour Podcast is a podcast of TED Talks and it is one of the best podcasts for students. TED Radio Hours topics vary by TED Talk and Podcast references. It’s basically a TED Talk podcast. Guy Raz is the anchor and editor of the TED Radio Hour. This is one of the most downloaded podcasts in the US.

13. Entrepreneurial Thought Leader 

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders is a weekly entrepreneurial seminar series co-hosted by BASES and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. This is one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs.


  • This podcast is highly rewarding for everyone, even if you are not an aspiring entrepreneur. 
  • This podcast serves as a platform for informed readers to share their stories of personal success. 
  • This is the best podcast for businesses and entrepreneurs.

14. Rationally speaking 

“Rationally Speaking” is a bi-weekly and another best podcast for students, hosted by Julia Galef and co-host Massimo Pigliucci.


  • Explore the lines between reason and nonsense, science, and pseudoscience.
  • The podcast covers topics such as utilitarianism, heuristics, biases, and why humans should be rational in the first place.

15. Good Job brain! 

Good Job Brain!  is a free weekly audio podcast consisting of quiz shows and quirky news hosted by Karen Chu, Colin Felton, Dana Nelson, and Chris Kohler.


  • This podcast is unconventional. 
  • It’s a free quiz show that sometimes acts as a quiz podcast. 
  • They also sometimes spread outlandish news. It’s the ultimate nourishment for your brain. So, eat up! 

16. A Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe 

Hosted by Stephen Novela and a group of skeptical thugs, this podcast presents scientific developments in today’s world without jargon. 


  • As you explore this series, you’ll learn about topics such as mythology, conspiracy theories, cosmic rays, neuroscience, pseudoscience, the paranormal, and many common superstitions from the perspective of scientific skepticism.
  • It aims to educate the audience and deepen their understanding of science, critical thinking, rationality, and more. 


You don’t have to enjoy all the podcasts listed here, but check them out even if you haven’t studied the subject above. Almost all podcasts have some degree of entertainment associated with them. 

Most of them have free packages so that you don’t need to pay a penny to listen to them. Discover other podcasts and always learn something new. Good luck with your podcast efforts!

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